If you want to play DS games on Switch, you should consider the availability – can you play DS games on Switch. In this post, MiniTool would discuss this question and explore the answer. For more information, start reading the tutorial.

Can You Play DS Games on Switch?

Unlike previous Nintendo consoles, Switch doesn’t allow you to stick a DS or 3DS cartridge into it. Anything from the Wii and GameCube can’t fit in the Switch either. Actually, the Switch can only accept its own proprietary cartridges. Different from previous Nintendo consoles, there’s no virtual console on the Switch.

You can buy emulated digital copies of older classic games on previous generation machines. Though you are allowed to do so on the Switch, Nintendo has chosen to take a different path this time around. You are unable to buy 8-bit and 16-bit games on the Switch from Nintendo unless they are released as an individual classic release.

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Gamers who subscribe the Nintendo online service also has access to a curated selection of NES and SNES games, with new title added periodically. This doesn’t offer the option to buy the games once-off. Fortunately, Nintendo is including some good titles from their classic platforms.

Besides, the download games from its online store usually are saved on the console’s internal storage or on an inserted SD card, but the Switch doesn’t include a disc drive. Can you play Nintendo DS games on Switch? According to the above fact, you can see that you can’t play DS or 3DS games on Switch in theory.

However, the answer is different in practice. If your Switch console is unpatched and vulnerable to fuse-gelee, you can mod it. It indicates that you can play DS games on Switch consoles. If your Switch model is the patched one, you can’t exploit it. Then you are unable to play DS games on the Switch.

You should know that most Switch consoles on the market are unhackable. Is my Switch patched? If you want to check the condition of your console, click here to know.

Tip: As the Switch isn’t backward compatible, you won’t be able to play games from previous models directly. Moreover, the price of Nintendo Switch itself is a bit high. Hence, the overall cost of moving to the Switch is quite high.

The situation is different if you try playing DS games on Switch by using the Homebrew and an emulator.

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What Should You Do to Play DS Games on Switch?

You can only play DS games on Switch by installing custom Homebrew and an emulator. The custom Homebrew, a free and open-source program, is helpful for the software installation process on a console. As for Homebrew itself, it refers to all homemade or non-official software made by amateurs or enthusiasts.

Before installing the desired emulator, you should install custom Homebrew on the Switch and install custom firmware.

Here are some of the best DS emulators that you can use while playing DS games on the Switch console. They include MelonDS, DeSumMe, RetroArch, NeonDS, Lakka.

1. Be careful while using the custom Homebrew and the emulator to avoid possible errors. Otherwise, the whole procedure could be endangered.
2. Using a Homebrew system or an emulator with the Switch has some drawbacks. For instance, you may encounter issues with functionality. To be specific, you are only allowed to play some games in landscape or portrait mode and not both. In addition, you might receive updates and the proper gameplay while returning to the Switch.
3. Some homebrew or emulator products that are not protected could bring viruses or other issues on your Switch.

Kind reminder: You’d better buy a new system and get the matching games that come with it. However, you need to pay additional costs if to do so. 

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