This post shows you what ASPX file is and how to open ASPX file on Windows 10. In addition, it tells you the programs that can open ASPX files on different platforms. To obtain the detailed information, read this post of MiniTool now!

What Is an ASPX File

ASPX file refers to an Active Server Page Extended file that is a webpage created by web servers. ASPX files contain scripts and source codes that help communicate to a browser how a web page should be opened and showed.

ASPX files are often written with Microsoft Visual Web Developer for Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework. They sometimes are called .Net web forms. In most time, you can find the .aspx extension on files downloaded from a site.

Tip: The ASP.NET framework is developed to take the place of the Active Server Page (ASP). Web developers utilize this web application framework to make dynamic applications and web sites.

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Programs to Open ASPX File on Different Devices

Programs to open ASPX files vary according to the device you are using. Here, we summarize the supported programs for different devices as follows.


File Viewer Plus

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

ES-Computing EditPlus

Adobe Dreamweaver 2020

Any Web browser


Adobe Dreamweaver 2020

Any Web browser


Any Web browser


File Viewer for Android

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How to Open ASPX File

To view and edit ASPX files, you need to open them at first. However, you can’t open the .aspx file format directly on most operating systems, especially Windows OS. Instead, you should open it through other indirect ways. Here are 3 methods for you.

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Change the extension of the ASPX file

If you see an .asp or .aspx file in the Downloads folder, it is likely that it is another type of file. If so, right-click on the file and click Rename. After that, replace the .aspx extension with .pdf or other supported extensions.

Here are steps.

Step 1: Press Windows and R keys to open the Run window, and then type control folder and click OK.

type control folder in the run window

Step 2: In the File Explorer Options window, navigate to the View tab. Then uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types checkbox and click OK to save the changes.

uncheck Hide extensions for known file types

Step 3: Right-click on the ASPX file and choose Rename.

Step 4: Change the file extension from .aspx to .pdf and click Yes in the pop-up warning window. Now, open the file.

Open ASPX files with third-party programs

You can open ASPX files with programs like Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad++, and other tools as well. Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge can open ASPX files too. What you should do is to right-click on the .aspx file, click on Open with and then choose a browser.

When you can’t find the desired browser, click Choose another app and find the browser from the Program file. To keep the .aspx file on your computer, press Ctrl and P in Chrome to open the Print page window and choose Save as PDF > Save.

Tip: You can choose a program to open ASPX files for your device by referring to the above information.

Convert ASPX to other formats

If you can’t open ASPX directly, try convert it to other supported formats like ASP, ASMX, HTM, HTML, JS, SRF, VBS, SVC, etc. You can do that with free online file converters. After that, open the file as usual.

Note: Since ASPX files have a specific purpose, it is not always recommended to convert them.
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