There are many rumors about Windows 12. How about Windows 12 vs Windows 11? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard will introduce this to you. Read this post to learn more about Windows 12.

Windows 11 is the latest major release of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system, released on October 5, 2021. As of October 2023, Windows 11, at 24.42% worldwide, is the second most popular Windows version in use. Currently, the latest version is Windows 11 23H2.

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced Windows 12 but it’s a safe bet this company will eventually release a follow-up to Windows 11. Over the past year, there have been many leaks and rumors surrounding Windows 12. According to these contents, we can talk about Windows 12 vs Windows 11.

Windows 12 vs Windows 11: AI Features

Windows 11’s AI feature is Copilot. It is very useful, especially with its ability to better understand questions posed in natural conversational language.

However, according to rumors, generative AI will be an integral part of Windows 12. As we all know, Microsoft has been investing in OpenAI, the company behind GhatGPT. Therefore, it is reasonable to speculate that Microsoft will further integrate ChatGPT with Windows Copilot and apply it to Windows 12.

In addition, a recent report also hinted that Microsoft could rely a lot more on machine learning to better provide context-sensitive information and assistance when carrying out everyday computing tasks in Windows 12.

Besides, Intel is set to debut its new Intel Core Ultra chips, which pack an NPU, or Neural Processing Unit, to handle AI-focused workloads. Hence, this chip may work well with Windows 12 to be released in June 2024.

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Windows 12 vs Windows 11: Modular OS

There is a rumor saying that Microsoft wants to make the OS more modular so that certain applications and programs can be enabled or disabled on specific devices. If this is true, Windows 12 can let Microsoft configure different versions of the OS for different platforms including the best tablets and even some of the best handheld gaming consoles.

These devices can perform better by not being weighed down by applications and programs it doesn’t need. After all, not every Windows device requires the full scope of legacy Win32 app support.

But is modular OS possible? Yes, it is, as Microsoft tried this with Windows Core OS, which aimed to be a modular, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) OS that removed legacy Windows features and app compatibility. Windows 10X tried this level of modularity, but Microsoft scrapped it in 2021. It seems that we might see this concept return in Windows 12.

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Windows 12 vs Windows 11: Updated UI

During the IT-focused Ignite 2022 conference, Microsoft quickly showed Windows 12’s UI. According to the PCMag’s reports, there is a floating taskbar and system icons in the top right corner of the desktop, and a floating search bar in the top center of the center, along with weather in the top left.

However, note that what Microsoft allegedly showed isn’t representative of what the Windows 12 interface will look like at launch. After all, Windows 12 is still in development and any change may be possible.

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Bottom Line

Do you know more information about Windows 12? Share them with us in the following comment zone. In addition, MiniTool Partition Wizard is a professional disk and partition management tool. You can try it if you need to clone the disks, migrate the OS, recover lost data or partitions, etc.

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