Previously, Windows Color filters could add an extra frame of latency. On Windows 11, this feature has been optimized. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to enable and use the enhanced Windows 11 Color filters.

What Are Color Filters?

The Color filters have been available since Windows 10. It is an accessibility feature that helps to improve the visibility of elements on the screen for users with vision problems. This feature is very useful for users with color blindness because it can help distinguish the different colors on the screen and improve content visibility for users with light sensitivity.

Windows 11 Color Filters No Longer Add Latency or Hurt Gaming Performance

Microsoft has enhanced Windows 11 Color filters mainly in the following two aspects: sliders are added to control intensity and color boost, and Color Filters are optimized to reduce latency in games and videos played in full screen.

Color blindness severity often varies by person, so the ability to tune color filters to a user’s specific needs is important in helping them differentiate colors on their display. Now, you can make the filter more or less intense, depending on your preference.

In addition, previously, color filters could add an extra frame of latency and prevent some fullscreen optimizations from taking effect.

But now, Microsoft has optimized how Color Filters are applied to the screen by taking advantage of dedicated color matrix hardware on your GPU. This allows fullscreen optimizations for games and videos to be used without any added latency or performance impact.

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How to Enable Color Filters on Windows 11

To use Windows 11 Color filters, you need to enable this feature first. In this part, I will show you how to enable Color filters on Windows 11 in 3 ways.

Way 1. Keyboard Shortcut

You can turn on or off the Color filter feature easily by the shortcut Win + Ctrl + C.

Way 2. Quick Settings

Windows 11 offers a Quick Settings panel, which allows you to access many commonly-used features. You can also use it to turn on or off Windows 11 Color filters. Here is the guide:

  1. Open Quick Settings (Win + A) and click Accessibility.
  2. Then, you can turn on or off Color filters.

Way 3. Settings

  1. Press the Windows logo key + I to open Settings.
  2. Click Accessibility > Color filters.
  3. Turn on Color filters on the right side.
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How to Use Windows 11 Color Filters

Open Settings and go to Accessibility > Color filters. Make sure this feature is enabled. Then, select a color filter from the list. You can choose Red-green (green weak, deuteranopia), Red-green (red weak, protanopia), Blue-yellow (tritanopia), Grayscale, Grayscale inverted, or Inverted. Try each filter to see which one suits you best.

After that, below the color filters list, use the sliders to adjust the Intensity and Color boost.

Windows 11 Color filters

The colors in the color wheel and example image in the Color filter preview will change as you move the slider, so you can choose the optimum color balance for your vision. You can also reset to defaults by clicking the Reset button next to the label ‘Reset intensity and color boost to defaults.’

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