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Merging partitions in vista

  • Vista-Merging partitions is troublesome for users. Partition Manager in Vista offers Create partition, Delete partition, Expand partition and Shrink partition without Merge partition. Some users will expand partition by copying one partition into another partition. It is feasible in some way but what if there are not enough partitions to store files in big size. Don't worry. There is a software - Partition Wizard Server Edition developed by MT Solution Ltd dedicated to solving this problem.

    Next you will see how to merge partition E and partition F with Partition Wizard Server Edition:

    Select partition E, right click Merge and you will see Merge Partition interface as below:

    Choose partition E to be merged (this partition will be merged into partition F)

    Choose partition F next to merged partition E and name the file storing documents, click Finish and Apply and everything is OK.