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Change Partition Serial Number

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    About “Change Partition Serial Number”

    Partition serial number is a unique number assigned to drive during the creation of file system. It originated in 1950s in mainframe computer operating system. In FAT and NTFS file systems, partition serial number is a feature used to determine if the disk is present in a drive, and to detect if it was exchanged with another one. The serial number is a 32-bit number determined by the data and time on the real-time clock on the current computer at the time of a disk’s formatting. If you find the serial number is discrete, you can change it. And, MiniTool Partition Wizard is the best choice for you to complete this operation since it has powerful functions.

    How to Change Partition Serial Number

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial below offers the detailed operation steps as follows:

    change partition serial number

    Select the target partition, and then click “Change Serial Number” on the Operations group of the left action panel.

    change partition serial number 1

    After that, you can input new serial number and then click “Yes”.

    change partition serial number 2

    Finally, click “Apply” button on the left to execute this change. After all operations are done, users can view new partition serial number by clicking the partition and choosing “Properties”.