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Partition Properties

  • You can check detailed information of the partitions with "Properties" function. For the partitions recognized by Partition Wizard, this function will show partition properties including detailed file system parameters, such as Serial Number, Sectors per cluster, the Sectors per file record, sectors per index record of the NTFS file system, Logical Cluster Number of the $MFT, Logical Cluster Number of $MFTMirr, the number of FAT partitions, the number of kept sectors, sectors per FAT, root directory, Cluster Number and so on. What's more, Partition Wizard will also provide a pie chart of the partitions so that you can know the present space of the partitions conveniently and intuitively.

    Step 1: To use this function, you can right click the target partition, and then select "Properties" feature to view partition properties. (Here take GPT partition as an example.)


    Step 2: Then in "Partition Info" tab, you can view Partition Type ID and Partition ID on GPT disk.

    view type id

    Note: Partition Type ID and Partition ID only be viewed on GPT basic disk, but MBR disk and GPT dynamic disk don’t support this.