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Windows 7 extend partition free

  • After knowing defects of Windows Vista, Microsoft releases Windows 7 in a short time to redeem influence of Windows series operating systems. Compared with Windows Vista, Windows 7 is more suitable for users. Moreover, by virtue of excellent user interaction interface, more powerful safety, system resource saving, and other advantages, Windows 7 is gradually occupying the market share. So far, it has become one of widely used operating systems. However, although Windows 7 makes great progress in many aspects, it still has defects. Take its built-in disk management tool as an example. Although this tool is capable of extending partition in Windows 7, users who have used Windows 7 know this tool does not have much practical use because it can only extend partition in Windows 7 backwards. Therefore, if we want to extend Windows 7 partition with freedom, we have to resort to professional partition magic which supports Windows 7. Among numerous kinds of partition magic, how can we select a suitable one? Next, let's select a partition magic for Windows 7 through specific analysis.

    Select the partition magic which can extend partition in Windows 7
    For selecting the partition magic which is used to extend Windows 7 partition, we should consider the following aspects: data security, ease of use, and freedom displayed in the process of extending partition in Windows 7. Only the partition magic meeting the above requirements can be called good partition magic for extending partition in Windows 7 freely. The partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard released by MiniTool Solution Ltd. completely meets these requirements. Besides, its unique data protecting solution makes it safer than other products of the same kind.

    1. Data security
    As to data security, MiniTool Partition Wizard offers preview function and "Using Enhanced Data Protecting Mode" option when we extend Windows 7 partition.

    From the above screenshot, we can see the two functions. The preview function can help us extend Windows 7 partition freely and preview extending effect before clicking "Apply" button, bringing no influence on final resizing effect and avoiding partition loss and disk damage caused by resizing partition repeatedly. The option "Using Enhanced Data Protecting Mode" is mainly used to reduce operations to data stored on the partition to the largest extent when we extend partition in Windows 7, which can ensure data security and partition safety even when accidents emerge, like sudden power outage and system crash.

    2. Ease of use
    In the process of using MiniTool Partition Wizard, almost every step is equipped with corresponding prompts which teach uses how to use it, so users can extend Windows 7 partition perfectly.

    The above interface shows prompts appearing in 2 different locations, so we can get to know the use of the corresponding button, and then make corresponding choice. With this function, we can accomplish extending partition in Windows 7 even if we do not have any deep understanding of partition extending.

    3. Freedom displayed in the process of extending partition in Windows 7
    In Windows 7, since system built-in disk management tool can only extend partition backwards, it has many defects in application. But MiniTool Partition Wizard helps us solve this problem. With this partition magic, we can extend partition in Windows 7 both forwards and backwards perfectly.

    When extending partition in Windows 7 with MiniTool Partition Wizard, we can drag triangles on both sides of the partition handle or input exact value to extend destination partition, and the extended space is determined by the available space around the partition. Here, we can drag the partition handle forwards and backwards. In other words, we can extend Windows partition forwards and backwards. Compared with Windows 7 built-in disk management tool, this partition magic has higher freedom, so it is worth selecting it.

    Are you being troubled by the function of extending partition in Windows 7 of Windows 7 built-in disk management tool? MiniTool Partition Wizard helps you solve all troubles. Its simple, safe and utility functions must be most suitable for Windows 7. Do you want to equip your Windows 7 with such a partition magic? You can free download it from the website https://www.partitionwizard.com/.