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Win7 resize partition

  • Win7 is a pretty excellent operating system, and I believe nobody is doubtful about this point. Just because of its excellent performance, it has become the leading role of the whole operating system market. Besides, Microsoft also recommends using Win7 and decides not to sell Windows XP in 2014, expanding the market for Win7. From these aspects, we can see most users have affirmed Win7. As is well known, compared with Windows XP, Win7 has many advantages, such as gorgeous Aero effect, rich newly added desktop tools, higher security, and easy operations. Moreover, Win7 improves disk management functions. For example, it adds the function of extending partition and shrinking partition.

    Although we said it is easier for users to use Win7, Win7 partition management is also indispensible for Win7 users if they want to get perfect Win7 running effect. However, to perform Win7 partition management, its built-in disk management tool is not enough although this tool is equipped with partition management functions compared with former operating systems. And when we manage partition with this tool, we will find this tool has some defects. For example, it can not realize some partition management operations, such as merge Win7 partition, move Win7 partition, resize Win7 partition, and change cluster. Therefore, we need the help of the third party partition magic to accomplish Win7 partition management.

    The best third party partition magic
    With the help of search engine, we can find various kinds of partition magic, but we should not download them blindly. Because the software you download may carry virus and other malicious programs. Once we use these kinds of partition magic, we will bear immeasurable losses. Therefore, when selecting the third party partition magic, we must download the products which have high security. MiniTool Partition Wizard which enjoys high popularity is a good choice. With this partition magic, we can realize comprehensive Win7 partition management perfectly, such as resize Win7 partition, solving commonly seen problems of partition management. Moreover, besides Win7, it also supports sever operating systems and Windows XP, a classical operating system. Therefore, MiniTool Partition Wizard is the best third party partition magic.

    Partition management functions of MiniTool Partition Wizard
    After introducing much information about MiniTool Partition Wizard, maybe many users are still not familiar with the functions of this partition magic. Now, let's see its function information. First, visit its official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/ to download it. Then, install and run it to get the following main interface.

    From the main interface, we can see numerous functions of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Actually, besides partition management function, this partition magic also has complete basic disk management function and dynamic disk management function. If you want to know detailed information about its functions, please visit its official website.