Do you want to use the Xbox Insider Hub app? You may encounter problems when installing or using this app. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard tells how to solve the Xbox Insider Hub not installing/working issue on Windows PC.

What Is Xbox Insider Hub App?

Xbox Insider Hub is an app that is available on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. Installing this app means that you agree to participate in the Xbox Insider Program, which allows you to be among the first to test new and upcoming Xbox features, games, and apps.

Note: You must be at least 18 years old to enroll as an Xbox Insider.

Before new Xbox features, games, and apps are officially released to the public, they will go through the following 5 test rings: Alpha Skip-Ahead, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omega.

Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha are invite-only rings and they usually offer the most cutting-edge updates that are potentially the least stable. As for the rest of rings, Xbox Insiders can participate in them.

  • Omega: It is the basic ring open to anyone who joins the Xbox Insider Program via the Insider Hub app. It offers the most stable build before the app or feature is released to the public.
  • Delta: Xbox Insiders should earn XP by completing quests and surveys, and providing actionable feedback to engineering teams for new features and products. Only when users hit level 2 XP in the Xbox Insider Hub, they can take part in the Delta ring.
  • Beta: Xbox Insiders who have been participating for three months or more, with an Insider XP level of 5 or higher may be invited to this ring.

Fix Xbox Insider Hub Not Working Issue on PC

Can you install Xbox Insider Hub on PC smoothly? To install this app on PC, your PC must be on Windows 10 OS Build 14393.0 or greater. The Xbox Insider Hub system requirements not met problem is the main reason of the Xbox Insider Hub not installing issue.

If the Xbox Insider Hub not installing issue happens still when your PC meets the installation requirements, you can troubleshoot this problem by running the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter or clearing the Microsoft Store cache memory. To clear the cache, you just need to press Windows key + R to open the run box and enter WSReset.exe command.

If you can install Xbox Insider Hub on PC but this app doesn’t work normally, you can try the following methods to solve this issue.

  1. Check Network and Internet connection: Xbox Insider Hub is an app that needs a good network. When it doesn’t work, you should check whether the problem is caused by a bad internet connection.
  2. Check the Date and Time settings on your PC: If your PC’s date and time are different from the server’s, it will become confused and won’t let you log in. You should make the PC set time and time zone automatically.
  3. Check antivirus blacklist and Windows Firewall’s blocklist: If the server or the Xbox Insider Hub app is blocked, it won’t work.
  4. Reset the Xbox Insider Hub: If the above methods don’t work, you can try resetting this app. Please go to Settings > Apps > locate Xbox Insider Hub > choose the Advanced options link > click the Reset button. Please note that this will get rid of all the progress and activities that you have completed.
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