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System Partition Should Be Active Partition for Normal Boot?

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    Issue: There are 2 internal disks on my Windows computer, and I installed Windows OS on one of disks. Due to mistaken operation, I set system disk inactive. As a result, I was prompted to reboot system again and again. Should system disk be active disk?

    Of course, system disk should be an active disk, because it is the disk installing operating system which can manage computer hardware and software resources, and provide common services for computer programs.

    As a matter of fact, there are more than one partitions on a hard disk in most cases. In general, the partition contains the boot loader which is a piece of procedure responsible for booting the OS is called system partition. Only one partition on a hard disk can be set as active, and it should be the system partition which is also a primary partition. Therefore, "should system disk be active disk" actually means "should system partition be active partition".

    If the partition which saves Windows boot files is no longer active or you set a wrong partition as active, your computer will not boot normally, and you will receive an error like this: "Missing operating system", or "Operating System not found".

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    missing os

    You may regard the error as a difficult issue because the computer can’t boot this time. Take it easy, you are still able to start your computer via a professional bootable partition tool and check whether the active partition is set correctly or not. If the settings are incorrect, and then you can set the wrong partition as inactive and mark the system partition as active. Then your computer will run normally if there are no other problems.

    Then, it’s time for you to select a piece of reliable partition manager. Among the similar software, MiniTool Partition Wizard is really a good choice.

    How to Set System Partition Active

    Since your computer can’t boot normally this time, you need to use MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition which allows you to boot computer without Windows OS. In fact, you can get the corresponding Bootable Edition after registering MiniTool Partition Wizard. When you enter the main interface of this software, you are able to set the wrong active partition as inactive and mark the system partition as active.

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    Tip: "Set Active" and "Set Inactive", two functions of MiniTool Partition Wizard, are only available for the primary partitions in the hard disk with MBR mode partitions.

    Suppose that you burn the Boot Edition to a USB drive.

    Step 1: Connect the USB drive to your computer, and boot computer into BIOS. Then, set the computer to boot from the USB drive, press "F10" to save the change and exit BIOS to enter the next step.


    Step 2: When you see this interface, select "MiniTool Boot Disk [EMS Enabled]" and press "Enter" to continue.


    Step 3: Then you will enter this interface. Please click on "Partition Wizard".


    Step 4: You will enter the main interface of Bootable Edition as follows. Here you will discover that the system is marked as "None", and a wrong partition is marked as "Active". Then you should select the current active partition and choose "Set Inactive" from the action panel, and then you can preview that partition is marked as "None".

    set inactive

    Step 5: Select the system partition and choose "Set Active" from the action panel, and then you can preview that the system is marked as "Active". At last, please click on "Apply" to save all the changes.

    set active

    Then, you should close your computer, boot it into BIOS once again and set the computer to boot from the right system disk. If there are no other issues, your computer will boot successfully.

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    With these four simple steps, you are allowed to set the system partition as active to guarantee the normal boot of your computer.

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    So, next time, when you are facing the similar issue mentioned in this post, don’t hesitate to use this magic software.