If you have bought a new Windows 11 laptop, you can set up the new Windows 11 laptop to make it personal and get the most out of it. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to do that.

What should you do after getting a new Windows 11 PC? Here is the guide on how to set up the new Windows 11 laptop and you can have a try!

Complete the Out-of-Box Experience

Whether you upgrade from a previous version of Windows, purchase a new device preinstalled with Windows 11, or perform a clean install, your first experience will be the out-of-box experience (OOBE).

In the OOBE, you need to create a new account or sign in to your Microsoft account, and configure network, language, keyboard layouts, and your privacy settings, etc. To get the detailed steps, please refer to this post: [Graphic Guide]: What’s Windows 11 & How to Install Windows 11?

Update Windows 11

Windows 11 is a new OS and may have many bugs. Microsoft release updates to fix these bugs. Although Windows 11 can download updates automatically, when you get a new laptop with Windows 11 pre-installed, I still recommend you check manually to ensure the device isn’t missing any critical or driver updates.

To get the detailed steps, please refer to this post: Update Windows 11/10 to Download & Install Latest Updates.

Uninstall Bloatware

If you buy a new Windows 11 laptop, the PC manufacturers may pre-install some programs that you don’t want on the PC. These programs will waste resources and space and they are called bloatware.

To get the detailed steps, please refer to this post: Use Add or Remove Programs to Uninstall Apps Windows 10/11.

Configure Default Apps

You may be accustomed to using some specific programs on PC, but your new PC won’t have these programs. Therefore, you should install these programs on your PC. After that, you can configure these programs as the default apps, especially if you want to use another browser like Google on your Windows 11 PC.

If you want to set a default browser on Windows 11, please refer to this post: How to Set Default Browser in Windows 11? Easy Ways Are Here!

Personalize Desktop

Some people may don’t like Windows 11 default background, theme, color, lock screen, taskbar, start menu, etc. In this case, customizing Windows 11 is a good choice. Windows 11 offers some basic options that allow users to change the appearance of Windows 11. Some people may want to make Windows 11 look like Windows 10.

To get the detailed steps, please refer to this post: How to Customize Windows 11 to Let It Look Like Windows 10?

Transfer Files to New Laptop

When you get a new PC, you may need to transfer files from the old PC to the new PC. The simplest way is to use a USB drive. But if you don’t have a USB drive, you can upload files to Cloud storage and then download them into the new PC. Or, you can use PC-to-PC file transfer software to complete this job.

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