Images with come a certain file format such as JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. However, you need to select an image format for your picture. JPG and PNG are two commonly used formats. PNG vs JPG, which one is better? Today, MiniTool will focus on this topic and analyze the differences between them.

There are multiple image file formats for image, so you can choose a suitable one according to your demand. Among them, JPG and PNG are frequently used. Due to this case, the jpg vs png topic is heatedly discussed.

JPG vs PNG, which one should you choose? Before answering that question, you need to have an overall understanding of the 2 formats.  

What Is a PNG File

PNG is a lossless compression file format. Given to that fact, users on the Web often use this file format. In fact, it is used as a replacement of the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). What makes PNG outstanding is the transparency that isn’t supported by JPG.

It enables you to get a transparent background around an irregular-shaped object and stop a white box outlining your picture. If you would like to store line drawings, text, as well as iconic graphics at a small file size, PNG is an ideal choice.

What Is a JPG File

JPG is short for Joint Photographic Experts Group – a group of image experts that comes up with the format, which is a lossy compressed file format. This feature benefits you from storing images with a smaller size than a BMP. JPG is a common choice for Web users.

Some qualities will be compromised when converting an image to a JPG, because the compression is lossy. It indicates that some unnecessary information will be permanently deleted in the process of compression.

When to use PNG vs JPG? Is jpg or png better? If you take file size, image quality, site speed into consideration, you should pay attention to it.

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PNG VS JPG: Site Speed

If you want to publish articles with images on the web, you have to take care of site speed. That is because Website loading speed is an integral part of SEO. The smaller your image file size, the faster it will be loaded.

According to the basic information of 2 image file formats, JPG wins due to its tiny file size.

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PNG VS JPG: Usability

Is jpg or png better? To make a wise choice, you should focus on jpg vs png usability. JPG is used on many places such as digital cameras and smartphones, image editors, web browsers, etc. Hence, JPG is preferred to an everyday use.

For PNG, it is selected when images utilize transparency, fading or lots of straight lines. If you are working on an image, it is recommended to save it as PNG until you finish the edition. You are able to resume editing because you need every details. After finishing the edition, save it as a JPG for the use on the web.

PNG VS JPG: Image Quality

As for image quality, JPG and PNG have different emphasis. JPG works well with photographs and detailed pictures. Besides, it can also handle color. More importantly, it has size advantages.

What about PNG? It works fine with detailed images especially those with straight lines. If you don’t think the file size is important for you, it is also a great choice.

PNG vs JPG: which one to select? You can make your own choice based on the above aspects. Both of them have their own features.

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