This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces how to fix Microsoft Teams file unknown error. If you are stuck in such an error when using Microsoft Teams, you can try to fix it with these methods provided in the guide.

Microsoft Teams is a program of the Microsoft 365 family of products that can help you chat and share files online with your teammates in a meeting no matter where you are and when you have spare time. Once a file is shared in Microsoft Team, you can open and edit it on your device whenever you like. It is convenient for you to use at work, home, or school.

However, when you try to share a file or access a shared file in Microsoft Teams, you might receive a warning that shows an unknown error on the interface sometimes. Do you want to solve the error? Attempt the following methods.

Method 1: Sign Out and Sign Back into Microsoft Teams

Usually, a quick sign-out and re-login will help fix the Microsoft Teams file unknown error.

Step 1: Click your profile icon at the top right of the window.

Step 2: Select Sign out.

Step 3: Right-click the app’s icon in the system tray, and then choose Quit.

Step 4: Open Microsoft Teams again.

Step 5: Click Sign in to enter Microsoft Teams.

After you log back on to Microsoft Teams, you may access the file successfully.

Method 2: Open the File in a Browser

You can try this solution if you are accessing a file in the Microsoft Teams app when you meet the Microsoft Teams file unknown error.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams to get its main interface.

Step 2: Select the team or conversation where the file has been shared over.

Step 3: Click the three-dot icon (• • •) on the right side of the file to get more options.

Step 4: Select the Open in Browser and then the Microsoft Teams web version on your browser will be open.

Step 5: Sign in and see whether you can access the file or not.

Method 3: Edit the Channel Name

If the file you want to access is uploaded and shared from a SharePoint folder. You might encounter Microsoft Teams file unknown error while trying to open the file after changing the name of the channel that contains SharePoint files.

To fix the Microsoft Teams file unknown error caused under this situation, you need to resume its original name.

Note: This method just applies to the error in SharePoint files.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams.

Step 2: Select the team which has Microsoft Teams file unknown error.

Step 3: Click General.

Step 4: Go to the Files and then click Open in SharePoint.

Step 5: Note down the name of the folder.

Step 6: Return to Microsoft Teams and click the three-dot icon (• • •) behind the channel to choose Edit this channel.

Step 7: Change the channel name so that it can match the folder name in SharePoint.

Step 8: Sign out and then sign back into Microsoft Teams. And Microsoft Teams file unknown error disappears.

Method 4: Reinstall Microsoft Teams

If other methods you have tried fail to fix Microsoft Teams file unknown error, there may be something wrong with your Microsoft Teams. Therefore, you are supposed to uninstall the program and download it again to see if it works.

Step 1: Uninstall the Microsoft Teams program from Control Panel on your computer.

Step 2: Go to the official website and find the latest version of Microsoft Teams to download.

Note: The installation process will take you some time.

Are you bothered by the Microsoft Teams file unknown error? Just take a look at this post and follow these methods to fix it according to your needs. If you still have problems with the Microsoft Teams file unknown error, please leave them in our comment zone.

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