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Create Linux Partition in 4K Hard Drive with Partition Wizard

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    About Linux

    linux Linux is a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system (OS) which is assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution. Moreover, you can get it via internet or other ways and its source code can be modified.

    Linux is full free, and it is fully compatible with POSIX1.0 standard which can make you run Windows procedures via corresponding simulators. Moreover, Linux provides a X-Window system which is similar to Windows graphical interface. Linux has many different versions and they all use Linux kernel. And Linux can be installed in many kinds of computer hardware equipments, such as panel computers, routers, video or game consoles, table top computers, and table top computers. Therefore, due to the advantages of Linux, Linux is widely used.

    Why to Create Linux Partition in 4K Hard Drive

    • Reasons about Using 4K Hard Drive

    • When mentioned creating Linux partitions on 4K disk, you should know what 4K hard drive is and why to create a Linux partition. Hard drive industry is facing a great revolution that the traditional sector size is changed from 512B to 4096B. In fact, 4K hard drive refers to the disk of which 4K sector and 4K cluster are aligned, namely 4K alignment which is specialized at SSD and the advanced formatted hard drive.

      Consequently expanding sector size from 512B to 4096B will greatly improve hard drive performance as well as hard drive space usage rate. Therefore, you choose a 4K hard drive to make full use of disk space and improve computer performance.

    • Reasons about Creating Linux Swap Partition

    In addition, you also need to know why to create swap partition Linux. When installing Linux, it is recommended to create a swap partition. The swap partition is the Linux virtual memory partition, which acts as an overflow to your memory. That is to say, after your physical memory is filled up completely, the swap partition acts as virtual memory to use. It is a continuous disk space which is not visible to you. Moreover, the swap partition size is recommended to be 2 times larger than the physical memory, and is limited to be 2GB in Linux.

    1.In order to leave more memory space for more important applications or files, the swap partition can help to transfer some files from your memory to your hard drive.
    2.The swap partition can tell system to hibernate, namely, if there is no swap partition, it is impossible to enable hibernation on Linux.

    Thus, you need to create a swap partition in Linux 4K hard drive.


    How to Create Partition in Linux on 4K Disk

    After knowing the reasons about using swap partition in 4K hard drive on Linux, it is time to create such a partition. How to achieve this aim? Maybe some of you are advanced IT staff and may choose command to create a swap partition, however, it is very complicated to most ordinary people. Fortunately, here is a professional partition and disk management software to recommended to you - MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. This partition manager can be used for Linux create partition with ease. Just do as the following steps show:

    Note: Before creating Linux partition in 4K hard drive, you should ensure the hard drive is 4K aligned. If the partitions are not aligned, please align all partitions on the hard drive.

    Step 1: Download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. After that, launch it to enter main interface. In this interface, select the unallocated space in 4K hard drive, and click on “Create Partition” option from the left “Operations” or right click the unallocated space to select “Create”.

    main interface

    Note: if there is no unallocated space on your 4K hard drive, you need to release some disk space by resizing partition and then create Linux partition in 4K hard drive.

    Step 2: Then you should choose Linux Swap as the file system. During the process of creating partition, you can set partition label, change the partition size and move the partition location. Click “OK” to continue. Here set partition size as 2GB.

    create swap partition

    Step 3: At last, you will find that there is a newly created Linux Swap partition in the 4K hard drive. From the following screenshot, you can see the swap partition is not allocated with drive letter. At last, click “Apply” button to execute operation.


    With the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition, it is very easy to create Linux partition in 4K hard drive. In addition, this freeware can also be used to do other partition and disk management operations, such as migrate system, clone partition/disk, resize/move/extend partition. Just try it according to your needs.

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