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When Can't Change Drive Letter in Partition Manager, Try This Solution

  • Problem: without knowing the exact reason I found one of my important partitions got lost. Then, I opened Windows 8 Partition Manager to check and found there is a partition without drive letter, and I guess it must be the very lost partition since they are nearly the same. Therefore, I tried to appoint a drive letter for it, only to find I can't change drive letter in partition manager. An image is attached:

    Who can give me corresponding solutions? Much appreciated.

    Solution: from the description we guess the partition has been hidden rather than lost drive letter. At this time what users should do is download a third party partitioning tool from the internet, because there are no other ways to change drive letter in Disk Management except recreating partition, but it will lead to data loss. Well then, which partitioning program can users choose?

    It is believed that almost all users want to download the one which is free but owns powerful functions, and MiniTool Partition Wizard is such a free partitioning tool. Moreover, as it is a read-only program, data security can be well ensured. Next, let's use it to solve the problem that we can't change drive letter in Windows Partition Manager.

    How to Change Drive Letter with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    1. Launch the program to get the main window shown below:

    2. Select the hidden partition and click on "Unhide Partition" from the left to get the following interface:

    3. Select the unhidden partition and appoint a drive letter for it via the function "Change Drive Letter".

    4. Click on "Apply" button to apply all changes.

    Now, we appoint a new drive letter for the very partition by using MiniTool Partition Wizard successfully. If you also can't change drive letter in Windows Partition Manager, try using this free partitioning tool.