When is the best time to buy a laptop? If you plan to buy a laptop, you may want to know the best time to buy laptop. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard offers you 5 laptop purchase strategies to help you get laptop at a low price.

It Depends on What Case You Are in

When it comes to the best time to buy a laptop, this topic is usually related to money saving. Therefore, in the following two cases, there is no necessary to discuss the best time to buy a laptop:

  • You need a laptop urgently right now. If so, you don't need to wait the best time to buy laptop.
  • You are always pursuing the latest laptop products of a certain brand. If so, you are likely to buy the laptop immediately once it is released.

In a word, if you can't wait the best time to buy a laptop, this discuss is useless for you. This topic only makes sense if you are not so desperate for another computer and are willing to wait the best time to buy it so as to save some money.

5 Laptop Purchase Strategies

If you are sure you can wait the best to buy a laptop, then I recommend you to decide what laptop you want to buy. You can pick several laptops and then put them into cart on online shopping stores. In this way, you can know the price changes of the computer during normal and promotional periods.

Then, read the following content to get to know the best time to buy laptop and then you can get it at a relatively low price. Let's have a look!

Holiday Seasons

Not surprisingly, we've found that prices can be just as low if not lower at the end of the year, when consumers are busy buying gifts for family members or for themselves. During holiday seasons, for example the Christmas season, consumer purchase will increase.

If manufacturers want to take advantage of increased consumer purchases, they will apply discounts to laptops in order to attract shoppers and sell off stock before the year-end. These discounts come in various forms, like traditional discounts, cashback offers, and voucher codes.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sales days that originated in America. On these two days, prices are often slashed across the board, usually only for a limited amount of time or on a set quantity of stock. Therefore, real bargains can be snapped up.

However, some manufacturers may flog outdated laptops at not-so-great prices. If you do not make a research before buying and get drawn in by a seemingly appealing price tag, you might end up overpaying for something you would have got cheaper outside the sale. That's also why I recommend you to put the laptops you like into cart before buying.

Back to School

Typically, the back-to-school period runs during the summer in August to September. During this period, deals on laptops (rather than desktop computers) are especially prevalent. It’s a perfect time for retailers to target parents and students who are in the market for a new laptop to deal with their educational needs.

Therefore, the discounts are usually exclusive to students. As long as you can present a student ID or a valid academic email address, you can get these discounts.

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Right Before or After New Hardware Releases

If retailers are expecting to get fresh hardware, usually, they will discount their current stock in order to make way for the new. Therefore, you should keep your eyes on the manufacturers' sites and tech news to notice the new product release date.

On the other hand, if you want to buy the latest compute or laptop, you can wait a couple of months after release when the hype has died down and prices will reduce slightly.

Flash Sales

Some online retailers like Amazon and Newegg may provide discounts like flash sales. Besides, some manufacturers also do similar things. For example, in the past, Dell has hosted a ‘Black Friday in July’ event. You can probably get a good deal in these sales promotion activities.

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