Microsoft has released Windows Terminal Preview version 0.3, the recently launched command-line interface. It wants to be the newest and best experience for developers who use Windows Command Prompt and PowerShell. In this post, MiniTool will show you the improvements in the newest Windows Terminal version.

What Is Windows Terminal

What is Windows Terminal? For users who have never learned about the program may have this question. So let me introduce what Windows Terminal is in the first place.

Windows Terminal is an application program for developers who use command line tools and command prompts (cmd.exe), PowerShell and Linux subsystem Linux(WSL). It is a new command line app for Windows operating system.

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The Windows Terminal, launched in June, may replace the familiar command Prompt and PowerShell. Microsoft allows Windows terminals to coexist with Windows consoles, but it believes that terminals will be a favorite tool for those who need command-line applications.

The Improvements of Windows Terminal Preview Version 0.3

The latest version of the Windows Terminal app can be downloaded from Microsoft Store. It is also available on the Microsoft’s Releases page on GitHub. If you cannot access Microsoft Store, you can also download and install the latest version of Windows Terminal through GitHub.

One of the improvements of v0.3 is that the interface can be dragged regardless of the position of the mouse pointer on the title bar.

The title bar itself has been updated to a resized drop-down button with new colors, and it remains on the right side of the tab that was last opened. There are also new colors for the minimize, maximize, and close buttons.

According to Kayla Cinnamon, program manager of Windows Terminals, Consoles and Command Line, Windows Terminal inherits some accessibility functions that allow users to “query, navigate and read” the user interface controls and text content of terminals using tools such as Windows Narrators.

Cinnamon points out that new accessibility features are still in progress, but estimates that overall updates are “huge”. In fact, it seems to be the biggest update since the application was launched two months ago.

Now Windows Terminal users can define tab titles for each profile in the settings, which take precedence over the tabs provided by the shell, and make it easier to distinguish different profiles. And there are more options to configure the background image. You can choose to add the background image to the acrylic background. You can also place the background anywhere on the screen.

In addition, Terminal users can now connect to the in-browser command-line called Azure-hosted Cloud Shell, , which provides shell access to Azure. This feature has been added to the list of all users’ profiles as a new default configuration file. It allows access to files and projects stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud through Windows terminals.


In this newest Windows Terminal update, Microsoft also lists a bunch of bug fixes for this version, which can improve the user experience, including several issues that were causing crashes.

Windows Terminal Preview v0.3 now is available in the Microsoft Store! If you have previously installed the Terminal from the Store, you will receive this update automatically. If you are a fan of Window Terminal, get the new Windows Terminal now!

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