You may hear of Windows mixed reality, but don’t know it very clearly and how to use it. This post introduces what Windows mixed reality is and the steps to use it. After reading the post, you will have a deep understanding of Windows mixed reality. In MiniTool, the detailed steps and related explanation are offered to you.

What Is Windows Mixed Reality

As a part of Windows 10 operating system, Windows Mixed Reality is introduced in the mixed reality platform. Though Microsoft has picked the name “mixed reality” for its original headset, they are only able to achieve virtual reality experience now.

The Microsoft’s headset series is similar to that of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Many manufacturers are selling attached products that contains touch controllers. Whereas, the main distinction between Vive/Rift and Windows Mixed Reality lies in the headsets don’t require a separate sensor.

Microsoft offers mobile tracking (six degrees of freedom) without the need to place traditional external sensors throughout the room. The Windows Mixed Reality headset has a camera and sensor that tracks the motion controller.

This is suitable for plugging earphones into a laptop to bring the VR to a friend’s home, but lacking an external sensor means that mixed reality doesn’t pick up the action in the game where you put your hands behind your back.

Although the current Windows Mixed Reality earphones don’t provide any improved experience or a one-stop mode like Gear VR, there will be more powerful headphones in the future.

How to Use Windows Mixed Reality on PC

Having known what Windows mixed reality is, you must be curious about its usage. Don’t hurry! In this section, how to use Windows mixed reality on PC will be introduced to you.

The specific steps are shown in the next:

Step 1: Some preparations to install the Windows mixed reality.

1. Set your motion controllers. If you plan to use an Xbox gamepad or keyboard and mouse, just skip this step.

Tip: Windows Mixed Reality motion controller requires Bluetooth 4.0. If your PC doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth, you need to insert a USB adaptor that supports Bluetooth 4.0 to the boot motion controller.

2. Pair motion controllers with your PC. Press the Windows button until the LED lights on, and then turn on the controller power. Remove the battery cover from your controllers, and then find the small pairing button at the edge of controllers. Press the button to pair with your PC according to the instructions on the Windows mixed reality.

3. You will see two green checkmarks for the left and right controllers when the controllers are paired successfully.

Step 2: Set the edge of your room. Here are two options for you:

  • Option 1: Set me up for all experiences (room scale): Your room will become a virtual world, and you can walk around freely. The minimum size is 5inches*7inches for the mixed reality. You need to keep the space clear, earphones in the middle, track your edge, point the earphones to your PC.
  • Option 2: Set me up for seated and standing up (desk scale): It is a good choice if your space without enough space. It works on your deck and needs no other steps.

Step 3: Choose the maximum edge size. Windows mixed reality supports the maximum size between the edge and the center is 18 inches *18inches. The size is determined by anchor point and the distance from the anchor point to the dangerous boundary.

Step 4: Set up speech: You are able to boot Cortana command in the mixed reality, which enables you to use speech commands to transfer, open the applicable program and execute other operations in the mixed reality.

Step 5: Set your audio headphone: You need an audio headset (that includes both microphone and headphones) to insert into the 3.5mm audio jack of your headset unless you have a Samsung HMD Odyssey.

Step 6: Adjust the display location of your headset. Visuals, resolution, calibration, experience options, input switching all can be changed according to your demand.

Step 7: Boot the mixed reality.

If you want to use Windows mixed reality on your PC, just follow the above steps. The process seems a little complicate, but it won’t be a difficulty if you read the steps carefully.

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