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What is 4K hard drive

  • What is 4K hard drive? If you are interested in the 4K hard drive, just let me introduce it in detail to you.
    Some basic knowledge about traditional hard drive is required. As we all know that when we save data to hard drive, data is saved to the sector of hard drive. Sector size of traditional hard drive is 512B. While the sectors are not really adjacent, there are gaps between sectors. For instance, code that is for correcting sector error is in the gap between sectors. For better understanding, let's take a look at the following picture:

    As this picture shows, we can get a conclusion: as traditional sector size is 512B, and there are so many gaps between sectors, when a hard drive with large capacity is divided into sectors, there will be a great many gaps, wasting much hard drive space.
    To solve this problem of waste, 4K hard drive is developed. In brief, 4K hard drive is the hard drive with sector size of 4096B rather than the traditional 512B. This hard drive structure will reduce the gaps between sectors and improve hard drive space usage rate greatly. The following picture shows the structure of 4K hard drive:

    How to distinguish 4K hard drive
    At present, many hard drive manufacturers are producing 4K hard drive, but the problem is how to manage 4K hard drive. There are few types of software that are able to manage 4K hard drive. In this case, the professional hard drive partition management software MiniTool Partition Wizard is a very good choice. With this software, we can check the differences between traditional hard drive and 4K hard drive. It also supports 4K hard drive management perfectly. Next, let's see how to distinguish traditional hard drive and 4K hard drive:

    After launching MiniTool Partition Wizard, we can select one hard drive, and click "Show Disk Properties" in the "Operations" area at the left to check hard drive properties. If the "Bytes per Sector" shows 512, this hard drive must be a traditional hard drive. If the properties of one hard drive are just as the following picture shows, the hard drive must be a 4K hard drive.

    In this picture, we can find the "Bytes per Sector" is 4096, so this is the 4K hard drive.

    After reading the above content, you must have known what is 4K hard drive now. If you are interested in more and detailed information about 4K hard drive and 4K hard drive management, visit the official website of MiniTool Partition Wizard to download it.