A lot of gamers are disturbed by the motion control while playing games on Nintendo Switch. What is motion control? How to turn off motion control on Nintendo Switch? You can find the answers from MiniTool Partition Wizard.

About Motion Control on Nintendo Switch

Some games on Nintendo Switch need detachable controllers to finish the motion control. The type of controller that works with the Nintendo Switch is the Joy-Cons. These magic controllers can be plugged into either side of the Switch and used separately. They can also be plugged into a type of controller that only works with them.

Tip: Although some other games can work with any type of motion control, the motion control of the games on Nintendo Switch is often designed with Joy-Cons in mind.

Nintendo Switch motion controls are actually quite useful for the players who like using a bow as they provide the players with extra accuracy and precision while aiming. Nevertheless, not all games need motion controls. For instance, you can play many games like Super Mario Odyssey perfectly without Nintendo Switch motion controls.

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How to Turn off Motion Control on Nintendo Switch?

Motion control may be a hindrance in other areas, so we recommend that you turn it off. It’s worth noticing that you can’t turn off motion sensors on your Nintendo Switch, but you can turn off the motion control in specific games.

Before proceeding, you are supposed to know that the detailed steps to turn off motion control on Nintendo Switch vary from game to game.

How to turn off motion control on Nintendo Switch? Here, take Mario Golf Super Rush for example.

Step 1: Launch Mario Golf Super Rush on your Nintendo Switch.

Step 2: From the main interface, you ought to select Options in the bottom right corner.

Tip: In many other games on Nintendo Switch, you may choose the option of Settings or you press the “” button on your controller.

Step 3: From the interface of Options, you should navigate to Settings for Golf Adventure and P1 controller and find Range-Finder Motion Controls.

Note: The ways to find the settings of Motion Controls may be different in many other games on Nintendo Switch.

Step 4: Just turn the motion control option Off.

Step 5: Now, you are supposed to start a Game Mode that supports motion controls.

Step 6: Pay attention to the new interface and select Button controls in the left panel.

Note: The options for completing this step vary from game to game. You may see the Button controls or Standard controls to disable motion controls in other games. In some game settings, there may be no option to disable the motion controls while starting the game.

You have turned the Nintendo Switch motion controls off in Mario Golf Super Rush successfully. Is it simple? In Mario Golf Super Rush, you can hit motion control in the settings menu or select motion control while starting certain game modes.

The specific steps to turn off motion control in the games you are playing may be different from those in Mario Golf Super Rush. Do not worry. Simply remember the steps below to turn off motion control on Nintendo Switch.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu once you’ve started a game.

Step 2: Find the Motion Control option, and disable it.

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