Animations in PowerPoint can make your presentation better, but sometimes they are not necessary. Needless animations may bring you a lot of inconvenience. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard tells you how to remove animations from PowerPoint.

Why Remove Animations from PowerPoint

Before learning how to remove animations from PowerPoint, you ought to know about the advantages. The proper amount of animation could make your PowerPoint more interesting and highlight your presentation’s important points. On the contrary, unnecessary animations can lead to many troubles. Here are some situations where you need to remove animations from PowerPoint.

  • Too many animations in the content: Too many animations may make the viewers don’t know what the point of your presentation is. To make a good PowerPoint presentation, you should pay attention to the content instead of working on the animations only.
  • To use the PowerPoint template: Have you ever used fancy PowerPoint templates? There are usually some animations on these templates. If you don’t want the animations, you are supposed to remove animations from PowerPoint.
  • To save your presentation time: It’s a very common phenomenon that animation takes time. If your presentation time is short or you just want to shorten the time of PowerPoint presentation, the way to remove animation PowerPoint deserves your attention.

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To learn how to remove animations from PowerPoint, you are supposed to know your purpose first. Among the features provided by PowerPoint, not only can you remove animations from a single slide, but also you can remove animations for the whole project.

Choose a way to remove animation PowerPoint to fit your needs.

How to Remove Animations from a Single Slide

If you just want to remove the animations from a single slide, follow the steps below.

Note: After performing the following operations, you will not be able to restore the animations in your PowerPoint. If you’re worried about the effect of the operations, you can have a copy of your PowerPoint presentation to keep your original settings.

Step 1: After opening your target PowerPoint, you are supposed to click the Animations tab.

click the Animations tab

Step 2: Select an object on your target text box. Here, we take “Why Remove Animations from PowerPoint” for example. You can also hit the circled number at the edge of your target text box.

Tip: The circled numbers represent the order of the animation presentation. You can remove animation PowerPoint to adjust the animation effect.

hit an object or the circled number

Step 3: Pay attention to the change in the Animations part and simply hit the option of None.

hit the option of None

Step 4: You have managed to remove animations from a text box. To remove animations from all or multiple objects, you ought to repeat the operations on the other objects.

Tip: Alternatively, you could press Ctrl + A to select all objects on your slide and click None.

Now, the animations on your target slide are removed.

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How to Remove Animations for the Whole Project

Do you know how to remove animations from PowerPoint for the whole project? If you want to disable all the animations in your PowerPoint, you can try the following method.

Tip: In fact, the animation will not disappear from your PowerPoint. This method only makes the animation ineffective during your presentation.

Step 1: After opening your target PowerPoint, you ought to click the Slide Show tab.

click the Slide Show tab

Step 2: Select Set Up Slide Show in Slide Show part.

select Set Up Slide Show

Step 3: Now, a new window pops up. You need to check Show without animation and click OK.

check Show without animation and click OK

Now, no animation appears when you run a slide show.

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