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Reload disk information

  • Users may meet such a situation where computers can not start in daily use. Did you think of the reasons resulting in this situation? Many users may think that is resulted from great damage of the computer. Actually, it may not be always that reason. I have searched some information on the internet. From the searching results, I found there are many factors which make us unable to start computers. The most possible factor is that there is something wrong with our MBR in the disk. MBR is short for Master Boot Record. It is located in 0 track 0 cylinder and 1 sector. MBR contains much information about computers, including guiding process, partition table, and ending identifier. Among them, guiding process is used to offer a guide for starting operating systems in the main partition after system hardware's self-checking. Partition table is used to record partition information. Division marker is "55AA" which can inform users whether MBR is effective or not. If this marker is lost or damaged, the system will prompt users disks are uninitialized. The reason to make computers unable to start is likely to that MBR is decoded. To solve this problem, users need to reload MBR information. In other word, users need to rebuild MBR. However, if users want to rebuild MBR, they must use a professional partition magic.

    More professional and all-round partition magic
    In today's world where computer software technology develops so fast, users can find partition magic from the internet easily. However, many of them are not professional, and they have many disadvantages, such as incomprehensive functions, lower security, and incompatibility to operating systems, and so on. If we choose these series of software, our disk will be greatly damaged. Moreover, many partition magic can not realize rebuilding MBR when we are unable to start our operating systems. To create MBR, I suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard which is a more professional and more comprehensive partition magic, because it is developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., a professional software development corporation. Besides, bootable disk offered by MiniTool Solution Ltd. can help us realize recreating MBR when we are unable to start operating system, which can not be realized by other software of the same kind. At the same time, MiniTool Partition Wizard can realize diversified partition management operations, such as merge, delete, and format partition, check disk, wipe disk and partitions, convert GPT disk, to set activity partition, to change drive letter, and so on. To know more information about MiniTool Partition Wizard, users can visit its official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/. Next, I will demonstrate how to create MBR with MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    Recreate MBR with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    We need to start our computers with the help of Bootable CD first when we are unable to start computers. Next, we can see the following interface:

    This is the starting interface where we should select "Boot from Partition Wizard Boot Disc", and then we enter into the next operating interface:

    In this interface, we select screen resolution. Then, we step into partition management interface:

    In this interface, we can see disk and partition allocation state. We right click the disk, and then select "Rebuild MBR" in the shortcut menu to enter into the next step:

    In the main interface, we can see there appear unexecuted items. We click "Apply" to accomplish rebuilding MBR.