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Recover deleted NTFS partition

  • Partition loss refers to a state that we are unable to see a certain hard disk partition in operating system. Nowadays, the most commonly used file system is NTFS whose overall performance is relatively better than other file systems, and much software supports NTFS partition recovery. If lost partitions are NTFS partitions, users can recover these deleted partitions with partition recovery software. Before recovering them, users should ensure whether hard disk partitions are deleted or not.

    Whether hard disk partitions are deleted or not?
    If users can not find out NTFS partitions, they also can not say these partitions must be lost. Sometimes, we can not see NTFS partition from operating system, but we can see it whose partition label has disappeared from "Disk Management" (Location: Control Panel - Management Tool - Computer management - Disk Management). This situation is not called partition loss. This kind of NTFS partitions can be used as long as we appoint a partition label for them. If we can not see it in "Disk Management", and there displays an unallocated mark in the location where the NTFS partition is originally in, at this time, we can ensure NTFS partition has been lost. After assuring the partition is lost, we can use partition magic to recover it. In general, when NTFS partitions are lost, only registration items in partition table are deleted while all partition data are stored on the hard disk, not being damaged. Therefore, lost NTFS partition can be recovered through searching hard disk or analyzing.

    The best partition recovery software choice
    When users want to recover deleted NTFS partitions, they do not have to choose partition recovery software. Partition magic with related partition recovery function is also useful. MiniTool Partition Wizard is the best choice among partition magic. It is a professional partition magic with partition recovery function. Users can use it to manage hard disk partitions when recovering partition. With running this partition magic, we can see the following interface:

    At this time, there appears an unallocated partition in the main interface. It is the space lost NTFS partition releases. To recover this NTFS partition, users just need select "Partition Recovery Wizard" function under "Wizard" menu.

    In this interface, users need not perform any operation. Click "Next" directly to enter the next interface.

    In this interface, users should select disk for recovery. If the computer just has one disk, please click "Next" to go to the next interface.

    Here, we should set scanning range for specified disk according to our real demands, and then click "Next" button.

    This interface provides users with scanning method settings, namely "Quick Scan" and "Full Scan". Click "Next" to enter the next interface.

    In this interface, users should choose the partition needed recovering, and then click "Finish" button to recover lost NTFS partition. (Note: users should select existing partitions simultaneously. If not, unselected partitions will be lost.)

    After finishing partition recovery, we go back to the main interface again. At this moment, we will see an extra partition without partition label. The file system of this partition is NTFS. Then, we can click "Change Drive Letter" button in "Operation" zone.

    At this moment, we only need click "OK" button to allocate a drive letter for this partition.

    From the main interface, we can see H partition whose file system has not been recovered by NTFS yet. That is because what we can see is just a preview. To realize all operations, we need click "Apply" button in the top left corner of the software.

    According to those operations to recover NTFS partition, users will find this partition magic has many other functions about hard disk partition management, such as resize partitions, create partitions, merge partitions. To know more related functions about this partition magic, please visit its official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/.