Although Internet is used by us every day, it’s still a mystery to most people. To figure out how your home Internet works, you need to start with modem and router. What is the difference between a modem and a router? Today, MiniTool will give you a deep understanding of modem vs router.

Modem and router are necessary components for wireless and wired internet access in your home network. Knowing the difference between modem and router can help you diagnose and fix some network problems such as Windows 10 no secured Wi-Fi connection error. In the following context, we will illustrate how they work and their differences.

What Is a Modem

Modem is short for modulator demodulator that can be used to modulate transmissions to receive and carry data. It’s necessary for the Internet to receive and send data between cables and all the devices. Like a interpreter, it translates the Internet from the massive infrastructure highways to the small pathways in your home or offices.


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Usually, you may see the lights or LEDs among the front of modems. One lights means that it is receiving power and one signal means that it’s receiving data from your Internet service provider, and one shows that the modem is sending data. You can diagnose some Internet issues according to these lights.

For instance, if the receive or send lights are blinking, it is likely that your Internet service provider has issues or something is going on with the connection outside. Another light shows that the wired device is accessing the Internet.

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What Is a Router

Router is a stand-alone device that is used to connect to an Ethernet port on the modem. Unlike a modem, a router often has a dedicated and color-coded Ethernet port. Besides, 4 additional Ethernet ports are used for wired devices.

a router

A router can send and receive network traffic from modem with one connection and routes the data via the 4 Ethernet ports. Typically, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are the ideal channel for routers because they have least interference. Similarly, you can manually change the channels within router’s web-based interface to troubleshoot some connectivity issue.

Now, I believe that you already have overall impression of a modem and a router. What’s the difference between modem and router? Let’s keep going on.

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Modem VS Router

According to the above information, you may have an overall understanding of modem vs router. Fundamentally, the biggest difference between router and modem is that a modem brings Internet to your home whereas a router brings Internet to you device.

How a Modem Works

Usually, a modem connect your home to the Internet service provider (ISP) through a coax cable connection. It takes signals from your ISP and translates them into the signals that your local devices can use. We called the connection between your home and the Internet as a wide area network (WAN). In addition, a modem has an assigned IP address that can identify it on the Internet.

How a Router Works

A router is used to create the connection among your devices in hard-wired setups and bring Internet to modem. In other words, the router connects to modem and then to your devices such as PC, Printer, and so on trough either an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi signal.

Besides, the router creates a local area network (LAN) within your home and allows your devices to share files like PC. All the information to each device and the modem will be managed by your router and make sure it all ends up safely in the right spot.

In a word, a router can still function without connecting to a modem. You also can create a LAN without Internet access. To give you an intuitive understanding of router vs modem, here is a form provided:

the difference between modem and router

Here comes the end of the post. Have you understood of the modem vs router?

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