The following will talk about the solutions given by computer users from forums, like Reddit and Tomshardware, for the GPU sag issue. Read and find one that works in your condition. Also, learn more about GPU on MiniTool Partition Tool website.

What Is GPU Sag?

GPU sag is an overtime problem with heavy cards. When the weight of the graphics card is beyond the bearing of the case bracket or PCB and leads itself to bend downward the slot, the GPU sag happens. In some cases, there is little or even no damage, while in other cases, the damage is severe.

Tip: GPUs are engineered to tolerate a certain amount of sag. Yet, if the sag is far like 11mm below the angle of the monitor slot side, you should take action to fix it.

Is GPU Sag Bad?

Of course, GPU sag is bad. The matter is how bad it can be. It can hurt the ability of the cooler to keep a memory from burning up. It can also affect the connector to some extent.

Damage GPU Cards

If a GPU sags far enough, it is able to warp the PCB and dislodge the cool equipment potentially. Therefore, the temperature will increase and it may damage the graphics card itself. Most badly, the graphics card will stop working and it won’t be detected anymore. 

Destroy Slot

When a GPU card sags far enough, it will break the solder joints of the slot on the motherboard. For the modern popular PCIe x16 slot, its power delivery locates in the front of the slot and is near the rear of the case. So, the sag of the GPU can result in momentary power loss.

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How to Fix GPU Sag?

Since the GPU sag issue is common and sometimes can cause big problems, you are recommended to solve it with one of the following methods.

How to Prevent GUP Sag?

Solution 1. Rely on PCI Cables to Lift the GPU

Since the PCI cables are directly connected to the GPU card, the tension of the cables can counteract the bend of the GPU. Thus, with enough tension coming from one or two PCI cables, the GPU can be lifted instead of sagging down.

Solution 2. Change Case Position

You can change the position of the host case. Make the mobo lies on the flat side and the GPU is on top to prevent GPU sag. For example, you can lie down your case on the side or just rotate your case for 90 degrees.

Solution 3. Use GPU Sag Bracket/Brace

If your host case supports an additional PCI bracket. It is recommended to add another bracket. Just like the PCI cables, the optional case bracket can counterweigh the GPU sag.

Also, you can install a screw (m3) in the back of the motherboard tray (where the PCI-e bracket is locked in place) to lift the sagging corner. Here is a video showing this operation:

Many other forms of creative hold that can be applied for GPU sags, such as backplate, self-made concrete pillar and Legos.

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How to Stop GPU Sag?

Solution 4. Use Reliable String

Make use of a kind of qualified string, like a thin fishing line, Nylon thread or a zip-tie loop, to tie GPU and make it less noticeable. Tied through the backplate mount and tied off at the top of the case can help.

Kind reminder:

  • If there are LEDs inside the host case, you’d better use a string of deep color.
  • The string you use should withstand the heat of a GPU.
  • If you take this method, you’d better not slam your case and protect the case from a big shake as much as you can.

Solution 5. Reinforce the Slots with a Mental Jacket

Solution 6. Install the Video Card Vertically Instead of Horizontally

Besides the ways in the above, there are still other solutions that can help. If you have a wonderful method to fix GPU sag, you can share it with others online by writing it down in below comment part. Thank you for sharing in advance. 

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