This post from the MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces the top 3 emoji translators. If you are looking for a tool to translate words to Emoji, you can choose the one you prefer to have a try.

Emojis are small icons or images that can be used in online conversations to express emotional content. They are usually facial expressions, animals, places, type of weather, common objects, etc. Emojis can make conversations easy and cute sometimes.


Nowadays, most social networking services are designed with an emoji tool and you can add emojis to your sentence manually. You can also use Windows Emoji to type your preferred emojis. Windows Emoji is a built-in tool in Windows 10 and 11 that can be invoked by pressing the Windows key along with the . key.

Tip: If you encounter problems while using the Windows Emoji tool, our previous post can help: Emoji Keyboard Not Working in Windows 11/10? Try to Fix It!

However, if you want to use many emojis in a sentence, it might be time-wasted to find them one by one in Windows Emoji. Don’t worry. There are some emoji translators to help you translate English to emojis quickly.

In addition, if you want to decorate a sentence or paragraph with personalization, emoji translators are also wonderful choices.

Emoji Translator 1: Emoji Translate

Emoji Translate is a free emoji translator online. It supports various languages including English, Russian, Bangla, French, Portuguese, and so on. You can select whatever you want before the translation.

Emoji Translate

Just search for Emoji Translate on the internet and visit its official website. Then select a language to emoji and type or paste the content you want to translate. After that, Emoji Translate will replace some special words in your sentence with emojis automatically. If not, click the button to start translating.

This emoji translator allows you to edit the translation results according to your needs. You can delete the emoji you don’t like.

Emoji Translator 2: Super Emoji Translator

Super Emoji Translator is similar to the first emoji translator. It can translate text to emojis as well. You need to click the TRANSLATE INTO EMOJIS button after inputting your text. By the way, this tool supports English only.

Super Emoji Translator

Then you can view your emoji translation. If you are satisfied, you can copy the translation and send it to others directly.

English to emoji translation

Alternatively, you can move on to the next emoji translator.

Emoji Translator 3: Emoji Translate Tool Made by Monica

Monica Dinculescu, a famous developer, shared her Emoji Translate Tool on Github. It can translate some special words into emojis. The translation will be processed at the same time as when you are typing.

Emoji Translate Tool by Monica

This tool doesn’t allow you to modify the translation results, but you can click the COPY TO CLIPBOARD button to copy the translation quickly. Then paste it to a chat window and modify the emojis you don’t like.

Unfortunately, there is not a tool that can translate emoji to English yet.

What’s your favorite emoji? If you are interested in today’s topic – emoji translator, you can share your ideas with us by posting them in the following comment zone. Thanks for sharing in advance.

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