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Use Professional Disk Manager to Manage Your USB Flash Drive

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    Like hard disk, a USB flash drive can be partitioned to multiple partitions after users flip the removable media bit, and every partition has its own capacity, location, file system, cluster size, and so on. Therefore, partitioning problems may emerge on this kind of devices. For example, important partitions are deleted by mistake; a certain partition runs out of space. Well then, what should we do when these problems appear? The best way is to download a professional disk manager for their USB flash drive, and then do corresponding disk management or partition management with the program. Nevertheless, which program is reliable? Please look at the following introduction.

    The Best Disk Manager for USB Flash Drive

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Free is the application we are introducing. It is free for all non server users and provides complete disk management functions shown below:

    minitool partition wizard functions for disk

    By using this program, users are able to rebuild MBR, copy flash drive, test disk surface for bad sectors, recover lost/deleted partition, wipe drive, etc. All these operations can be completed without any data loss.

    Apart from managing the entire drive, this disk manager also offers all-sided functions to manage partitions on USB flash drive. After we select a certain partition, corresponding functions will emerge on the left pane:

    minitool partition wizard functions for partition

    From this interface we can see MiniTool Partition Wizard can help users move partition location, change partition size (both extend and shrink), merge partitions, split partition, align partition, convert file system, change cluster size, copy partition, wipe partition, and so on. Different functions are designed to solve different partitioning problems. Therefore, it can be regarded as the best disk manager for USB flash drive.

    Well then, how to use this disk manager to manage USB flash drive or its partitions? Firstly, download and install the freeware to computer. Then, launch it to get its main interface. Next, select the USB flash drive or partition which needs operating and choose a function from the left action panel to make changes. Detailed prompts will be given to show users specific operations so that there is no need to worry about mistaken operation. At last, click “Apply” to apply all changes to computer.

    Now download the free disk manager MiniTool Partition Wizard to do disk or partition management on USB flash drive.