Creating timeline slide is an efficient way to show the information you want others know more clearly. In addition to the introduction of timeline, MiniTool Partition Wizard tells you how to create a timeline in PowerPoint.

What is Timeline in PowerPoint?

If you have learned history, you may know about some timelines of some great events in history. Taking the ancient Roman history for example, you could distinguish the Roman Kingdom (753-509 BC), Roman Republic (509-27 BC) and Roman Empire (27 BC-476 AD) clearly by using a timeline.

Timelines could express a list of events in orders. They are typically long bars with dates. You can use the scales to represent the time between two events.

Because of the usefulness in clearly presenting information, timeline is also a feature in Microsoft PowerPoint. In your study or work, you could create a timeline in PowerPoint to express the stages of your projects.

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How to Create a Timeline in PowerPoint?

If you want to clarify your presentation of a process, you can follow the following steps to create a timeline in PowerPoint.

Create a Basic Timeline

There are many choices to create a timeline slide in PowerPoint. This post shares the steps to create a basic timeline with you.

Step 1: After opening PowerPoint, you are supposed to create a new slide. Hit New Slide and select the Blank option.

create a new slide

Step 2: You have created a new slide successfully. Now, you ought to choose the Insert tab and hit SmartArt.

hit Insert and SmartArt

Step 3: From the new popup window, you can find the lists in the left panel. Choose the option of Process.

choose the option of Process

Step 4: Scroll your mouse from the top of the list to the selection of Basic Timeline. Then hit Basic Timeline and choose OK.

hit basic timeline

You have managed to create a basic timeline. It’s time for you to type the data of your project.

Add Your Information

There are two options you could choose to input the information of stages.

Option 1: Type the information inside the graphic directly. This picture gives you an example.

type the information directly

Option 2: Hit the Text Pane to type the information. The next picture shows you the details.

type the information by hitting Text Pane.

Tip: There are three milestones by the Microsoft PowerPoint. If you want to add extra milestones to your timeline, you should choose the Option 2.

Now, you have finished the steps of creating a basic timeline in PowerPoint. If you want your timeline more artistic or to show the process more visually, you can customize your timeline.

Customize the Timeline

Step 1: The first step you need to do is to click the SmartArt Design tab on the top of the interface.

hit SmartArt Design

Step 2: If you want to change the colors of your timeline, you ought to hit the option of Change Colors.

hit Change Colors

Step 3: After changing the color of your timeline in PowerPoint, you can choose the shapes of your timeline by scrolling the mouse in the SmartArt Styles section.

choose the shapes of timeline

Step 4: If you want change the milestones in your timeline, you can right-click the target milestones. There are many selections in the circled. Just try to design your unique timeline.

right-click milestones to change the shapes

If you want see more templates about timeline, you may click here to have a look.

That’ all we want to share about the timeline creation operation in PowerPoint with you.

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Bottom Line

To create a timeline is an effective way to make your presentation in PowerPoint clearer. This post introduces the timeline slide and discusses the operations of making a timeline in PowerPoint. If you have more templates which deserve our attention, you can share them with us.

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