Here is an error on Xbox called 0x80832003. It appears when Xbox detects a network problem. Now follow this solution guide from MiniTool Partition Wizard to get more information about this Xbox error code and fix it with different solutions.

Playing games on Xbox has been a common form of entertainment. However, many Xbox users reported that they ran into an error code called 0x80832003 following an error message “There’s a temporary network problem. There may be a service outage. Please check the service status. If there’s a service outage, wait a bit and try again, or use this game or app offline” while playing games like Battlefield 1.

a temporary network problem (0x80832003)

Don’t worry. The following shows you how to fix “Xbox 0x80832003”.

Fix 1: Perform Network Connection Test

First of all, check the internet connection your Xbox using because the error message implies that there is a temporary network problem.

To do so, restart the modem and a router your Xbox is connected to; then press the Xbox button; next go to the path Profile & system > Settings > General > Network settings; finally select the Test network speed & statistics option.

Once the test finishes, check the test results and write down the data related to download speed, upload speed, and ping (or latency). Then compare the information to the recommended minimum requirements from Xbox Support. If the data is far under the recommendations, please try a wired connection if your Xbox is connected wirelessly.

After switching to the wired connection, see if the error code “Xbox 0x80832003” will appear again.

Fix 2: Do a Power Cycle

If the above way is not helpful, you can try to perform a power cycle in your Xbox, which can reset the software and clear out any glitches that lead to some issues like 0x8083200.

Well, how to perform a power cycle in the console? Here is a guide:

  1. Press and release the Xbox button on the left side of the front of the console, which will bring out the guide.
  2. Use the controller to choose the following options one by one: System > Settings > Restart console > Restart.

Wait until the console starts and check if the temporary network problem (0x8083200) disappears.

Fix 3: Reconnect the Xbox’s Power Cable

Try to disconnect and reconnect the Xbox’s power cable. First, do a disconnection after shutting down Xbox completely by pressing the Xbox button for at least 10 seconds. Then, wait for 10 to 15 seconds and do a reconnection. Finally, press the Xbox button to turn on the console and check if the issue gets solved.

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Fix 4: Verify Your Microsoft Account Security Information

If you ran into the Xbox error code 0x8083200 while signing in to your console, you should verify your Microsoft account security information. To do so, sign in to the security page in your Microsoft account with your credentials and then check all information associated with your Microsoft account (including phone numbers, email address, security questions, and answers). If you find any of the above information is incorrect or outdated, update that information.

Note: You need at least two pieces of information of security in your Microsoft account and one phone number or email address.

Fix 5: Wait a Short While

The network problem (0x8083200) is temporary. So, it may disappear automatically after some minutes, and you need to wait a short while.

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