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Merge two partitions for windows server 2003

  • Merge two partitions for windows server 2003 with Partition Wizard Server Edition. Partition Wizard Server Edition can merge two partitions easily.

    Under windows server 2003, we often meet some partition problems: system partition is too small to install more software, or merge partitions due to redundant partitions, so how to address these problems? Is there a professional partition management tool to solve these problems easily?

    Partition Wizard Server Edition is a professional server partition manager software, which can create, format, move and resize partitions as well as convert partition and merge partition. With Partition Wizard Server Edition, you can resize partition without data loss, convert file system and merge two adjacent partitions.

    With clear interface, all can be done only by mouse clicks. This software can support both wired and wireless keyboard. Repeat tests prove its reliable function and performance. It only costs half the time of other similar software to merge and resize partitions, thus saving a lot of costs and time for users. Its unique power-off function ensures your partitions not to be damaged in case of blue screen, shutdown, system crash, so you don't have to worry about your data safety.

    Partition Wizard Server Edition can support Windows 32 bit or 64 bit NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008 no matter it is common household operating system, personal professional OS or company server OS. Meanwhile, Partition Wizard Server Edition supports GPT partition and Ext2, Ext3 and Linux Swap create, delete and move. It can also resize, convert, and merge partitions in disk up to 2TB. Partition Wizard Server Edition is a real server partition manager software which has good performance at cheap price. It is indispensable for your server operating system.

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