Offline Activation | MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial [Help]

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Offline Activation

Usually, after installing MiniTool Partition Wizard paid edition, we just input the license key to the Registration box, click Register button and then we have finished online registration.

But if computer is not connected to the Internet, users will definitely receive the Offline Registration window. At this time, users should make their PC network connected. Otherwise, users will have to go through the offline license activation.

Tip: Users may copy the key information to a removable disk to get through all the steps quickly.

How to Do the Offline Activation

Step 1. Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard and click Register.

click register

Step 2. Input the license key and and click Register.

input lisence key and click register

Step 3. Connect the removable disk to the computer without network connection, open it and create a new Text document. Then copy the three URLs as well as the License Information and save them to the Text document. Now safely remove the removable disk and leave the Offline Activation window there.

license information

Step 4. Connect the removable disk to a networked computer and open the Text document. Now visit one of the three URLs listed.Then copy the License Information from the Text document and paste it into the box shown on the page users visit. Finally, click Activate button. 

copy license information to the box

Step 5. And then users will get a Activation Code. Sometimes, users will be required to enter the Security Code after pressing Activate. Do this and again click Activate. Now the Activation Code is generated. Please save this code to the Text document for next process and finally remove the removable disk safely.

get Activation Code

Step 6. Connect the removable disk back to the orginal computer, copy the Activation Code from the Text document and paste it into the box of Offline Activation.

Step 7.Then click Activate button. Now users should have finished MiniTool Partition Wizard offline register.

copy Activation Code Partition Wizard and click Activate

Step 8. Click OK.

click OK

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