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    About "Change Partition Label"

    Partition label is an optional name assigned to a partition to help users identify a certain partition quickly. Although partition label is not required, it makes it easier to keep track of what data is stored on each partition, especially when you have got many partitions. Once you find the data are not matched with the partition label (for instance, the partition which is used to store working data is named Game), you can change it.

    How to Change Partition Label

    Step 1. Select the target partition, and click "Set Label" from the Partition Management group of the left action panel or click "Label" from the right-click menu.

    change partition label

    Step 2. A dialog box appears. Now, you can label/relabel the selected partition, and then click "OK" button to go back to the main interface.

    label partition

    Step 3. Finally, click "Apply" to execute all changes.


    By doing these, you have successfully changed the partition label according to MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial.