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Initialize to MBR Disk


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    About "Initialize to MBR Disk"

    We found an increasing number of users now would like to initialize their disk to GPT, rather than MBR, due to the following reasons:
    • Pursue large disk capacity limit;
    • Get more disk partitions;
    • Achieve better disk performance,

    However, if users need to mount a second operating system to the GPT disk, they may be disappointed. The reason is simple – common BIOS system doesn’t support booting from GPT disk. In this case, users may need to initialize to MBR disk sometimes so as to keep both operating systems they need.

    Here, we are going to introduce a good tool – MiniTool Partition Wizard to help with this.

    How to Initialize to MBR Disk

    Please don’t worry if you don’t know how to initialize to MBR disk and never have such experience. Just follow the MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial we give here to complete disk initialization easily:

    1. Select the target disk in Disk Map or Disk/Partition/Volume List area.

    Initialize to MBR Disk 1

    2. Select "Initialize to MBR Disk" by:
    a). clicking on it under "Convert Disk";
    b). choosing it from right-click menu of target disk;
    c). clicking on it from drop-down menu of "Disk" option in menu bar.

    Initialize to MBR Disk 2

    3. Tap "Apply" button in upper left corner to execute pending operations.

    Initialize to MBR Disk 3

    4. Confirm pending changes by clicking on "Yes" button in prompt window.

    Initialize to MBR Disk 4

    5. Click on "OK" button in the prompt window that will appear automatically at the end of disk initialization.

    Initialize to MBR Disk 5