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Initialize to GPT Disk


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    About "Initialize to GPT Disk"

    Adding new hard disk is regarded as a good way to extend the capacity of computer. With the fast development of hardware technology, large-capacity hard disks are becoming increasingly common. After a new hard disk with large capacity is connected to Windows computer, you must initialize it to GPT/MBR in order to use it for data storage.

    However, how to finish the disk initialization task easily draws people's attention. What if you would like to initialize it to GPT? Compared to MBR, GPT has 2 main advantages:
    • GPT supports at most 128 partitions in Windows, while MBR only supports 4 primary partitions or 3 primary partitions plus 1 extended partition.
    • The largest disk capacity that can be managed by GPT mounts to 18EB, while the capacity limit of a MBR disk is only 2TB.

    Thus, most people would like to initialize their disk to GPT. As for how to initialize to GPT disk, we recommend using MiniTool Partition Wizard. To make the operating process clear, we will give a MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial. Now, please free download the software and then start to initialize your disk.

    How to Initialize to GPT Disk

    1. Choose the disk that you would like to initialize to GPT.

    Initialize to GPT Disk 1

    2. Select "Initialize to GPT Disk" by:
    a). clicking on it under "Convert Disk";
    b). choosing it from right-click menu of target disk;
    c). clicking on it from drop-down menu of "Disk" option in menu bar.

    Initialize to GPT Disk 2

    3. Tap "Apply" in upper left corner to perform pending operations.

    Initialize to GPT Disk 3

    4. Click "Yes" in the prompt window to allow changes. You'd better close all other applications as suggested.

    Initialize to GPT Disk 4

    5. Click on "OK" button at the end of disk initialization.

    Initialize to GPT Disk 5