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Hide/Unhide Partition

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    About "Hide/Unhide Partition"

    It is a common sense that lots of users are accustomed to store valuable photos, business documents and personal files to computer hard drives. In this case, many users don’t want others to access their confidential files without permission. At this time, they can choose to hide that partition, so that the files can never be seen by malicious people. Users themselves can’t see the hidden partition in computer, either. So if they need to make the partition accessible to all, they should unhide partition.

    Common situations where users need to hide/unhide partition:

    1. If users have installed multiple operating systems on the same computer, they’d better hide system partition for the sake of file security.
    2. Users might want to hide the disk partition which includes recovery tools or other kinds of significant files.
    3. In order to manage or use files in hide partition, users need to unhide the partition at first.
    4. If users want to share the files in a hidden partition with families or friends, they should unhide it.

    How to Hide/Unhide Partition

    Lacking related experience and knowledge, ordinary users often don’t have a clear idea on how to hide/unhide partition. We offer a good way to help them hide/unhide partition conveniently and safely: making use of useful partition manager. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a perfect choice.

    Now, we’ll show users the MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial on hiding/unhiding partition.

    Step 1: Open the software and enter its main interface. Then, select the target partition and choose "Hide Partition" from the left action panel or right-click menu.

    select hide partition

    Step 2: Then the target partition is shown without partition letter on the interface. Click "Apply" to save the change.


    Corresponding, if users need to unhide a partition, they need to choose "Unhide Partition" feature of this software.

    Step 1: Select the target partition and choose "Unhide Partition" from the left action panel or right-click menu.

    select unhide partition

    Step 2: There will be a pop-out window which allows users to set a new drive letter to the target partition. Choose a letter and click on "OK" to back to the main interface.

    set drive letter

    Step 3: Here, the target partition is shown with the specified drive letter. Then, click on "Apply" to save the change.