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Disk Surface Test

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    About “Disk Surface Test

    Sometimes, when you perform some specific operations or open some files, your computer is significantly slower or the disk is ticking. This problem might occur because there are some bad sectors on your hard disk. Nevertheless, how to confirm whether there is bad sector? There, MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you since it provides disk surface test function to scan each sector status by reading data from the sector. Disk block without reading error will mark as green color, and disk block with reading error will mark as red color. If there are some bad sectors, please first transfer all data on this disk out and then use a piece of specific software to shield logical bad track. After shielding, if there are still read color, you have to turn to professionals to repair the physical bad sector.

    How to Make Disk Surface Test

    There are several approaches to employ the function.

    disk surface test 1

    Select or right click the target disk at first, and then click “Surface Test” from the left action panel or from the drop-down menu.

    disk surface test 2

    Next, click “Start Now”. Then, this software will automatically test the disk surface.

    After reading the MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial, users could know how to check if the hard disk has bad sectors.