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    About "Convert NTFS to FAT"

    NTFS is now used by more and more people since it is a relatively better file system than FAT. We compared NTFS with FAT32 and found it has 2 main advantages:
    • The largest partition size supported by NTFS in Windows is 2TB while the size of a FAT32 partition is limited to 32GB.
    • The size of a single file in NFTS partition is unlimited while the largest file size limit in a FAT32 partition is 4GB.

    But in some cases, users still need to convert NTFS to FAT. For example, when the target disk or program only supports FAT, users have to do such work. Well then, how to convert NTFS to FAT safely?

    In fact, the operations are quite simple as long as users employ MiniTool Partition Wizard. By using the "Convert NTFS to FAT" function, users can finish file system conversion without any data damage.

    Note: since the "Convert NTFS to FAT" function owns the capacity of automatic recognition, the software will convert a NTFS partition to a FAT 12 partition, a FAT 16 partition or a FAT 32 partition according to actual partition size in the process of converting.

    How to Convert NTFS to FAT

    Please follow the MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial below to convert file system from NTFS to FAT, without bringing any damage to data.

    1. Select the NTFS partition whose file system needs to be converted in Disk Map or Disk/Partition/Volume List area.

    Convert NTFS to FAT 1

    2. Choose "Convert NTFS to FAT" function by using following ways:
    • Click on it from left "Change Partition" options;
    • Right click on the NTFS partition and choose it from pop-up menu;
    • Click "Partition" in menu bar and choose it from the drop-down menu.

    Convert NTFS to FAT 2

    Kindly reminder: the free edition of MiniTool Partition Wizard doesn’t support converting NTFS to FAT.

    3. Click the "Apply" button in the upper left corner to apply changes.

    Convert NTFS to FAT 3

    4. Click on "Yes" button in the pop-up window to confirm pending changes on partition.

    Convert NTFS to FAT 4

    5. Wait for all pending operations to complete.

    Convert NTFS to FAT 5

    6. Click on "OK" button to end NTFS to FAT conversion when "Applied all the pending changes successfully" prompt window shows up.

    Convert NTFS to FAT 6

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