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Change Volume Letter

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    About “Change Volume Letter”

    Volume letter is the symbol of disk storage device. It is identified by one of the 26 English letters plus a colon. Due to historical reason, early PC usually has two floppy drivers. Therefore, the two volume letters, A: and B: are used to stand for floppy disk drivers while hard disk device volume letters start from C: to Z:. Dynamic Disk has volume letter and each Dynamic Volume has only one volume letter. Users can “Change Volume Letter” if they want.

    With MiniTool Partition Wizard, users can change volume letter easily. However, MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition does not support this function. If users require it, they need to have a pay-for edition.

    Note: The free edition of MiniTool Partition software does not support “Change Dynamic Volume Letter”. So please select professional edition or advanced editions for this support. You could also view the comparison of MiniTool partition software

    How to Change Volume Letter

    Firstly, launch MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    Change volume letter 1

    Secondly, click the desired volume, and choose the “Change Volume Letter” from Dynamic Disk menu or from the left action panel.

    Change volume letter 2

    Thirdly, select the new drive letter and click “OK” button to go back to the main interface.

    Change volume letter 3

    Finally, click “Apply”.

    Note: Users should be careful when changing system volume letter because changing the letter of system volume may cause the computer cannot boot.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial is finished.