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Change Partition Type ID

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    About “Change Partition Type ID”

    For MBR-style partition, each partition has one partition type ID, so the system can tell the type of partitions by the ID. There are many partition type ID, and the following are the frequently used partition type ID:
    0x07 NTFS
    0x0B FAT32, used by DOS & Win95
    0x0C FAT32 using LBA mode to access to FAT32 partition
    0x01 FAT12
    0x04 FAT16, less than 32 MB
    0x06 FAT16, greater than 32 MB
    0x0E FAT16 using LBA mode to access to FAT16 partition

    Change partition type ID” might prevent some operating system from working with the partition, and this function is not available for GPT-style partitions.

    How to Change Partition Type ID

    Change partition type ID” is very simple. There are just four steps. The following is the MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial.

    Change partition type ID

    Step 1: Select or right-click the partition and click “Change Partition Type ID” from the action panel or right-click menu.

    Change partition type ID 1

    Step 2: Choose the partition type ID and click “Yes” button to go back to the main interface.

    Change partition type ID 2

    Step 3: Click “Apply” to execute this change.