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How to split partition quickly without influencing original data?

In order to manage and use data stored on computer conveniently, users often store different types of data to different partitions. When there is partition which has much unused space left, disk space use ratio will be influenced largely. If users want to enhance disk space use ratio to the largest extent, they should split the partition which has much free space left to 2 partitions. And the new partition can be used to store other types of data.
However, as Windows built-in disk management tool does not have the function of splitting partition, users need the help of powerful MiniTool Partition Wizard. It can help split partition quickly and safely without bringing any influence on data. Main steps are as follows:
1. Run MiniTool Partition Wizard to open the main interface and select the partition which needs splitting.
2. Choose the functional button “Split Partition”:

3. Drag the button between 2 partition handles to resize both original partition and new partition. Users can resize partition through imputing exact value to corresponding text box, too. Then, click “OK” button.

4. Click “Apply” button to apply all changes to computer.

After application, MiniTool Partition Wizard helps split partition perfectly.

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