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Partition hard disk

  • Hard disk which has been introduced in detail in many books and websites is a storage device used to store files in computers. When storing files, we need to plan hard disk reasonably. If not, much disk space will be wasted. It can be realized by partitioning hard disk. After partitioning hard disk, we can store files according to their styles. For instance, work files, videos and system backup are respectively stored in different partitions, which facilitate disk management and space use. It is not difficult to partition hard disk. With the disk management tool built in operating system, we can partition hard disk easily.

    This is the main window of the disk management tool built in Windows operating system. We should know whether there is unallocated space or not before we create new partition. If not, we need to delete a partition to get some unallocated space. However, we need to partition hard disk with the disk management tool built in operating system when we install operating system in a new disk because it is not partitioned and there is enough space to create new partitions. If there are some partitions but they are not reasonable, we need to repartition hard disk, so partition magic is recommended to resize the original partitions. If we want to change the current hard disk to a larger one, we can not back up the current disk data to the new disk with disk management tool built in operating system.

    Copying disk data to new hard disk
    Every hard disk capacity is fixed. As time passes by, the stored files become more and more and the disk space is not enough. At this time, we need a larger hard disk to guarantee the normal run of operating system. However, after the new disk is installed, we can not copy the original disk data to the new disk with disk management tool built in operating system. Actually, we can install the two disks in the computer at the same time, and copy the original data to the new disk. But this method costs a lot of time and disk data security can not be guaranteed. And in the process of copying data, system reads files incorrectly, computer breaks down, power off will have bad influence and may cause file damages. But we can easily make it with partition magic. By employing the backing up function, we can copy disk data to the new disk and data security can be ensured in the process.

    Copy data from the original disk to new disk with partition magic
    Now we use the partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard to back up data. First, run the software.

    In this main window, select the original disk and click "Copy" on tool bar to copy disk. This operation saves us a lot of time and guarantees data security in the process.

    With this partition magic, we can not only copy disk data, but also partition hard disk. What's more, we can create partitions of different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, etc. More related function information can be got on the official website http://www.partitionwizard.com.