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Delete All Partitions


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    About "Delete All Partitions"

    Delete All Partitions feature provided by the excellent server partitioning software can remove multiple partitions off at a time. Note: Do Not operate disk containing boot partition, otherwise boot failure may appear.

    How to Delete All Partitions

    Follow the MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial on how to delete all partitions below:
    1.Select a way to activate certain feature according to preference:

    Delete all partitions 1

    Strategy 1: Choose the disk whose partitions need to be deleted and click "Delete All Partitions" from left action panel.

    Delete all partitions 2

    Strategy 2. Choose target disk and click "Disk" in menu. After that, click "Delete All Partitions" from dropdown menu.

    Delete all partitions 3

    Strategy 3. Right click the disk needing partition deleting operation, and then click "Delete All Partitions" from pop-up menu.

    Delete all partitions 4

    2.In this interface, click "Yes" button to let the software execute partition deleting command.