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    About "Create Partition"

    Create Partition enables users to create new volume with specified unallocated space (if there is no unallocated space available, try "Move/Resize Partition" to release).

    How to Create Partition

    Firstly, users just need to choose one of the following ways to activate partition creation function:

    create partition

    Case 1. From the main interface of the software, choose the segment of free space you would like to create the partition on and click "Create Partition" from left action panel.

    Case 2. Right click the unallocated space which is to be used for partition creation and click "Create" option from drop-down menu.

    Case 3. Click "Create" from Toolbar after users specify the unallocated space.

    Case 4. After choosing segment free space, users need to click "Partition" in the menu bar and then click "Create" from pop-up menu.

    create partition 1

    Secondly, in this interface, users are supposed to configure parameters including partition label, partition type, drive letter, file system and cluster size. Here, "NTFS" for "File System" and "Default" for "Cluster Size" are highly recommended. Then, drag the black triangles on both ends of partition handle to resize the newly created partition and drag the whole handle to change partition location. After that click "OK" button to go back to main interface of the software.

    create partition 2

    Finally, click "Apply" button in the upper left corner to terminate the whole partition creation operation.  

    MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial on partition creation is ended.