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Shrink windows partition

  • With users having higher and higher requirements over data processing and memorizing, computer with supernatural operating, processing and memorizing capabilities gradually integrates into our lives as we usually record a large amount of information that can not be quickly remembered by human brain. To facilitate data management, user always divides hard disk into several partitions for storing different types of files. However, some may run into some situation where some partitions are filled with data and need more free space while other partitions have excessive space and are wasted. At this moment, user should redistribute free space from those vacant partition to partition running out of free space. This process always involves a Shrink Partition operation. Regrettably, Microsoft doesn't cover a Shrink Partition function on its operating systems and user has to turn to third-party partition manager to shrink partition. Talking about partition manager, I strongly recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard, an outstanding partition manager with various partition management functions besides Shrink Partition.

    What is partition and partition type?
    In essence, partitioning is formatting hard disk after which user always meets two partition types, namely primary partition and logical partition.
    Primary partition: primary partition can be set as active partition. When master boot program of MBR finishes computer self-checking, boot right will be transferred to active partition which stores system files to boot system. Therefore, a hard disk as system disk on an independent computer must at least have one primary partition. A hard disk can create 4 primary partitions and can not create logical partition after creating 4 primary partitions.
    Logical partition: Logical partition is subordinate of extended partition. Since extended partition is merely a concept which can not be used directly, it has to be divided into one or several logical partitions.

    Shrink partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition 7.0
    Here is demonstration on shrinking partition under Windows XP. (Aside from Windows XP, MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition 7.0 still supports almost all other Windows operating systems as well as Linux operating systems)
    Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition 7.0 to meet the following interface:

    First, select the partition (E:) to be shrunk and click "Move/Resize" at toolbar.

    Adjust partition size by dragging the left/right-oriented arrows or entering accurate values in the textboxes below. After that, click "OK".

    Now user can clearly notice the previous 87.89G E: has been shrunk to 63.96G and 23.93 unallocated space was spared. Last, click "Apply" to execute pending operation and finish shrinking partition.