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Resize windows 2003 partition

  • As a classical operating system of Microsoft, Windows Server 2003 is still popular on the current server market because of its reliability, safety, scalability, and other advantages. However, this server operating system has some defects besides many advantages. For example, Windows Server 2003 system disk management tool inherits Windows XP system built-in disk management tool. This tool can only create partition, delete partition and format partition easily but can not meet Server 2003 users' demands. That is because Windows Server 2003 requires extremely high data safety while resizing Windows 2003 partition with system built-in disk management tool may lead to data loss. Therefore, server 2003 users need a piece of third party partition magic which can resize Windows 2003 partition without damaging data.

    Difference between Windows Server 2003 and common operating system
    Before we select partition resizing tool for Windows Server 2003, let's know the difference between Windows Server 2003 computer and common computer first.
    1. When Windows Server 2003 is used on server, it needs the support of professional server equipment, and there are big differences between server hardware and home computer hardware. Server needs to construct IIS server, database, work station, and perform other important operations, so server computer is much more powerful than common computer in handing ability of CPU and I/O performance.
    2. Sever 2003 is safer than common home operating system. As server is the core equipment of the network, it must have extremely high reliability and safety. The server used to install Windows Server 2003 employs ECC internal memory, RAID technology, hot plug technology, redundant power supply, redundant fan and other technologies earmarked for Server, which makes server get fault-tolerant ability and data protection.
    3. Windows Server 2003 has more strict administration privilege than common computer, because its web service employs more strict methods for preventing virus and illegal invasion.

    Since there are big differences between Windows Server 2003 and common operating system, partition management tool for these two kinds of operating systems are different For example, much excellent partition magic does not support Windows Server 2003 partition management while other partition magic which is compatible with Server 2003 may lead to data loss. However, MiniTool Partition Wizard, an absolutely excellent partition magic, can run under Windows Server 2003 perfectly. Besides, this partition magic has a set of unique data protection solution which can ensure data safety in the process of resizing Windows 2003 partition.

    Safety and reliability of MiniTool Partition Wizard
    In order to avoid disk damage caused by resizing Windows 2003 partition frequently, MiniTool Partition Wizard offers a preview function through which we can see specific partition condition and resize Windows 2003 partition according to demands. If we are dissatisfied with the resized partition, we can resize the unsatisfied partition till it meets our demands. In the process of resizing Windows 2003 partition with this partition magic, we do not need to worry about data damage and disk damage at all. This design avoids mistaken operation effectively, promoting the safety of partition resizing.
    Currently, there is much partition magic which claims it can manage partition without damaging data. However, these kinds of partition magic protect data only when operating system runs normally. If power failure, computer crash or hardware fault emerges suddenly when we are resizing Windows 2003 partition, our data are in great danger. Fortunately, the unique data protection solution of MiniTool Partition Wizard can solve this problem effectively.

    In the process of resizing Windows 2003 partition, we will enter the resizing interface. Here, we can see the option "Using Enhanced Data Protecting Mode", and this option will be checked by default. This function is mainly used to avoid operating data when we resize Windows 2003 partition, and it not only can improve work efficiency of this partition magic but can protect data furthest as well.

    With MiniTool Partition Wizard, we do not need to worry about Windows 2003 partition resizing at all. As a professional partition magic, its functions are far more than this. Do you want to experience MiniTool Partition Wizard? Hurry to download it freely from its official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/.