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Resize server 2003 partition

  • Windows Server 2003 is a server operating system released by Microsoft. It is mainly used for business users, so it requires extremely high safety and stability. Furthermore, it is also widely used among individual users. For those users who are professional computerites or who want to learn real computer technology, Windows Server 2003 is a good choice, because it is a real server operating system. Furthermore, many programming environment and database management can only be used under server normally, such as network environment and IIS. Obviously, Windows Server 2003 is more powerful than other common operating systems like Windows XP, but it also has many defects. For example, as server database and programming environment occupy more and more space, server partition can not meet system's demands. Under this situation, we had better resize Server 2003 partition. Aiming at its features, we must consider safety and stability, so we must be cautious when resizing Server 2003 partition.

    Methods for resizing Server 2003 partition
    When we resize Server 2003 partition, what we think about first is system built-in disk management tool. However, like using Windows XP built-in disk management tool, we have to delete original server partitions and then create desired server partitions if we want to resize Server 2003 partition with system built-in disk management tool. I believe nobody is willing to adopt this method, because deleting means data loss. Now that system built-in disk management tool can not meet our demands, what should we do? The answer is the third party partition magic. There is much partition magic in the market, but most of them do not support Windows Server 2003 because of its particularity. More troublesomely, inferior partition magic will result in unnecessary troubles, let alone accomplish resizing Server 2003 partition successfully. Therefore, an excellent partition magic earmarked for Server 2003 is desired. Luckily, MiniTool Partition Wizard is such a kind of partition magic. It has many features, such as safety, stability, simplicity, and ease of use. With this partition magic, we can resize Server 2003 partition without damaging data.

    Safety of MiniTool Partition Wizard
    Maybe, every Server 2003 user cares about data safety most when resizing Server 2003 partition. However, if we resize Server 2003 partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard, we do not need to worry about data safety at all. This partition magic is developed on the basis of data protection, so it can ensure data safety when we operate partition.

    The enhanced data protection is the proper feature to this partition magic. It is developed to resize system partition without operating data. With this function, data safety can be ensured even when sudden conditions such as power failure and hardware damage result in computer crash.

    Besides, this partition magic has another special design. Before clicking "Apply" functional button, we can correct or undo our operations at any time, which can avoid wasting a large amount of time to readjust the partition.

    Of course, as a professional partition magic, MiniTool Partition Wizard has many other functions besides partition resizing. To know more functions of this partition magic, please visit its official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/.