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Resize partition server

  • Most Windows users use system built-in disk management tool to perform partition management, such as create partition, delete partition, and format partition, because it is easy to manage hard disk partition with this tool. Here, let me introduce how to resize partition under server with this tool. Firstly, right click "My Computer". Then select "Manage" button on the popup menu (as the right picture shows), and the following computer managing interface appears. In this interface, we can perform relevant computer management.

    To manage hard disk, we only need to click "Disk Management" to enter the managing interface of Windows built-in disk management tool. At this time, right click the partition which needs resizing, and then select "Delete Logical Drive" to delete this partition. Next, delete its neighboring partition in the same way.

    After we delete these two partitions, they become unallocated space. Here, right click the unallocated space, and then click "New Logical Drive" to create a new partition and set partition size. Although it is easy to resize partition under server with this tool, it is not the best choice. That is because deleting partition will result in data loss. More seriously, we may delete other partitions mistakenly. Therefore, this method is not recommended. To resize partition server perfectly, the third party partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard is the best choice. This partition magic has powerful partition management functions, so it can provide users with perfect partition resizing service.

    Resize partition under server with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    If we resize partition server with this partition magic, we do not need to delete partition. With the function "Move/Resize" of this partition magic, we can resize partition under server directly, safely and easily. Firstly, run this partition magic to get the following main interface:

    In the main interface, we can see partition service condition and other relevant partition information. To resize partition under server, select the destination partition, and then click "Move/Resize" button on the tool bar to enter the resizing interface.

    In this interface, drag the right triangles of this partition handle to resize partition. Dragging leftwards means shrinking the partition, and dragging rightwards means extending the partition. Then, click "OK" to go back to the main interface.

    After going back to the main interface, please do not quit in a hurry. We need to click "Apply" to perform previous operations. After this partition magic performs all operations, we can say we are successful to resize partition under server.