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Free increase windows partition

  • You must be familiar with the left starting window of Windows XP and maybe many users are using this operating system even now. Those users perhaps have ever encountered the problem of lack of partition space. Although most users may schedule disk space carefully when installing Windows XP, they can not predict data size and data types that lie ahead, so some partitions are likely to lack space and others may have much unused space. In this situation, there are two solutions: one is to store the new data to the partitions having much unused space, which will make data mixed; the other is to increase Windows partition size. However, increasing Windows XP partition is not easy because in Windows XP, only the built-in disk management tool and command prompt tool can be used to manage partition. But the former can not realize increasing Windows partition and the latter is rather complicated, which frustrates many Windows XP users. Nevertheless, along with the development of software technology, partition magic helping Windows XP users extend Windows partition appears in the market, with which users can increase Windows partition size easily and the professional free partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard is suggested.

    Increase Windows XP partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    To increase Windows XP partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard, we should visit its official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/ to download this free partition magic and install it to the computer. Then launch it and the following interface will be shown.

    This is the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard. In Disk 1, there is no unallocated space. Take extending Partition E: for example. We should shrink the partition adjacent to Partition E: to get unallocated space. So select Partition F: and click "Move/Resize".

    In this interface, drag the two triangles or input exact value to shorten Partition Handle which stands for partition size, thereby shrinking partition. Here, we'll drag the left triangle rightward to shrink Partition F: and then click "OK" to go back to the main interface.

    In the main interface, an unallocated appears behind Partition E:. Now select Partition E: and click "Move/Resize".

    In this interface, drag the right triangle rightward to extend Partition E: and click "OK" to return to the main interface again.

    In the main interface, Partition E: has been extended and two pending operations appear in "Operations Pending" area. Please click "Apply". After the partition magic performs all operations, increasing Windows XP partition is finished successfully.

    Seeing this operation demonstration, do you want to increase Windows partition with this free partition magic? If so, just visit its official website to get it and try it by yourself.