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Extend partition server 2003

  • Many server users often need to extend partition in Server 2003, because server partition often runs out of space since server needs to cope with a large number of data every day. If we want to solve the problem of low disk space without data loss, extending partition timely is the best choice. Nevertheless, users who are familiar with server partition management know Server 2003 built-in disk management tool does not have the function of extending partition. So, how to extend partition in Server 2003? Generally, there are 2 ways to extend partition in Server 2003, namely using "diskpart" command or resorting to professional partition magic.

    Extend partition in Server 2003 with "diskpart" command
    To extend partition with "diskpart", there must be unallocated space behind and adjacent to target partition. Then, open command line tool and enter corresponding codes. Main steps are as follows:
    1. Input "diskpart" in command line tool and click "Enter".
    2. Input "list volume" and click "Enter" (check partition state and select the partition needing to be extended precisely).
    3. Input "select volume x" and click "Enter" (x is the serial number of the partition we want to extend).
    4. Input "extend" and click "enter".

    The above interface shows it is difficult and complex to use "diskpart" to extend partition in Server 2003, and mistaken operations are easy to emerge. In addition, users who are not very familiar with knowledge of computer will have difficulties in extending partition. Therefore, this method has not been used widely.

    Extend partition in Server 2003 with professional partition magic
    Compared with "diskpart", professional partition magic offers quite friendly operating interfaces. Even if we know nothing about professional knowledge of computer, we can extend partition in Server 2003 easily.
    After running professional partition magic, we can see its main interface:

    Select the partition which needs extending and click "Move/Resize" button to get the next interface:

    Drag triangles on both edges of the partition handle to lengthen partition handle and click "OK" to go back to main interface:

    At last, click "Apply" to perform all operations to computer. Then, we can say the partition magic helps us extend partition in Server 2003 successfully.

    If you are troubled by how to extend partition in Server 2003, it's time to visit https://www.partitionwizard.com/ to download the partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard. It is the best assistant for extending partition.